Best Hitman & Assassin Games for Mobile in 2019 You’ll Love


Best Hitman & Assassin Games

for Mobile in 2019 You’ll Love

If you ever played Hitman, you know that feeling when you successfully perform a stealth mission without anyone even noticing you. There’s just something about being sneaky and highly professional. Anyhow ever since that game came out now more than 15 years ago and resulted in countless sequels, the hitman genre exploded. There isn’t a platform that doesn’t have a similar game and that goes for mobile where we’re seeing a mass expansion.

Since there are so many fans of this subgenre of shooting games, we thought why not try a couple of them and review. After a couple of weeks of playing and testing out, we bring you our top 3 picks for 2019.

LONEWOLF – Fantastic Gameplay & Story

Another thing that made Hitman so great besides the gameplay was the story. And one thing we noticed when it comes to mobile games similar to Hitman is they often copy/paste the gameplay successfully (to some extent), but when it comes to story delivery, there isn’t much success. But Lonewolf is an exception. Right from the bat, you get sucked into a noir-like story where the main character is found in the middle of the action – no explanations. For gameplay, it’s more a sniper game so those of you who enjoy assassinating people from afar will surely appreciate this one. Finally, if the story is important to your game experience, this game is the way to go.

A minor off-putting element of the game is the sort of unbalanced difficulty as you progress. In one mission you’ll be thinking how easy everything is just to be met by a wall you can’t overcome in the next. Keep in mind that this doesn’t ruin the overall gameplay, but a better difficulty balance would make the game more user-friendly for gamers who don’t have that much experience with games like these. For those of you who’ve been playing sniper games for a while, this will be just fine.

Republique – The Ultimate Stealth

Although hitman games are all about weapons and taking down the bad guys, there’s the stealth element that makes this kind of games unique. If you were always a bigger fan of the stealth element, rather than the assassin element, Republique is the game you should check out. Instead of trying to figure out how to take down your enemies, you focus on sneaking beside them. The controls are incredibly simple yet engaging – it’s single-press action where you need your strategic abilities are more important than reflexes. Although there is an element where you need to figure out the timing, it’s more about pre-planning and figuring out the best route to pass the level. If you get your kicks from being a stealth master, look no further than Republique. Oh, and the story is also amazing – just to let you know.

Although this isn’t a flaw, we just want to let you know that although the first episode is free, for the rest you have to make a one-time purchase. But, if you’re in this kind of games and you want to try something a bit different, it’s definitely worth the money. You can try out the first level and see what you think.

CounterSpy – Don’t Forget to Smile

Another common element to hitman/stealth games is they always seem to be extremely serious and dark. Is this something that is extremely necessary? CounterSpy doesn’t think so. The game is coated in colorful graphics and witty humor that completely takes out the seriousness from the game and replaces it with laughter. God only knows how many times we chuckled while playing the game and yeah, it was like a breath of fresh air. Not that serious games are bad, but it’s a welcomed change to have something more light-hearted like CounterSpy. Another thing is the game doesn’t have a story, in fact, it’s an endless game. Levels are random and there’s always a score to beat so you can just keep on playing and playing.

Just because the game is funny, doesn’t mean it is easy. Quite the contrary – things you’ve got to pull off might seem impossible at times, requiring lightning-fast reflexes and button mashing. This might get irritating for some players but if you enjoy a good challenge, it might just be what the doctor ordered.


And that’s it. These are our current top 3 choices when it comes to hitman games. We didn’t want to include obvious ones like Assassin Creed or Hitman since everybody knows those games. But there are more other games we didn’t write about and while we were looking for these games, we stumbled upon a cool list of the current best hitman games.

  • Best 10 Hitman & Assassin Games

If none of the above tickles your interest, you can always check the list and see if you find something you personally enjoy. Since there are so many games to pick from, we’re sure you’ll find something you love. Hope you’ll find our article helpful and let us know what hitman game is your favorite. Happy gaming!

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