High Pressure Rotatory Unions And Its Structure


High Pressure Rotatory Unions And Its Structure

In different machinery, every single component has its own significance. You can’t ensure the perfect working of any mechanical or electrical assembly of any of its part goes missing. It may work up to some extent, but at some point, you’ll feel the importance of that missing part. High Pressure Rotatory Union is those crucial components of an electromechanical system.

What High Pressure Rotatory Unions Actually Are?

Suppose you want to transfer electrical signals from one part to another, the assembly of different electric wires or coils will be used. If you want to transfer lubrications from one place to another within the machine, you’ll need hydraulic valves, pump, and different pipes. You see, every purpose requires a complete mechanism. Similarly, High pressure rotatory unions have a specific purpose too.

Let’s just define high pressure rotatory unions; these types of unions are used where a passage of fluid or lubricants is required between a stationary component and a rotating component.

There are several applications where a rotating component is present. Cranes, wind turbines and robots are those applications in which a rotatory component is used. What if we need to transfer lubricants and fluids to those rotatory components with high pressure? For this purpose, rotatory unions are used.

Rotatory Union Structure

General high pressure rotatory unions have four basic components:

Housing – The most important component is housing, it holds all the other parts of rotatory union together. Housing has an inlet from where fluids or any other medium enters, and an outlet from where the transmission occurs towards the rotating part.

Shaft – the rotatory part is usually connected with the shaft, which actually responsible for the rotation of the shaft without any interference of housing.

Bearings – This is the most important component because in the absence of bearings in high pressure rotatory unions the device will not be able to function. The number of bearings varies between different types of unions.

Seal – In high pressure union rings, to prevent the leakage of fluid from the device, mechanical sealing are the most important part. So, make sure your union has proper sealing in it.

Applications Of High pressure Rotatory Unions

Union rings are being used in almost every assembly. There are many similar devices present in the market that perform the same task as rotatory unions. But, why engineers prefer to use this device rather than others? It’s because of its efficiency and compact size. Its smaller size, stand it out from any other fluid transmission rotatory device. Let’s just have a look at the applications of high pressure rotatory unions.

  • Large Cranes

Ever seen a crane lifting heavy objects? Crane doesn’t just carry the objects but also rotate to change its position. Did you ever ponder how crane works? The mechanism is hydraulic and rotatory unions are used for transmission of different lubricants that enables the cranes to rotate and lift objects.

  • Mining

The most important application of rotatory unions is the process of mining. Mining machinery such as coal cars and drilling holes can’t be operated without high pressure unions in them.

  • Automobiles

Every function in automobiles that includes fluids can’t be done without high pressure union rings. Examples of such functions are braking and viper movement with shower.

  • Auto Car washing

In automatic car washing, the detergent is transmitted towards the rotating brushes. This mechanism requires one or more rotatory unions.

  • Agricultural application

In agriculture, harvesting equipment such as tractor and thresher has rotatory unions in them. Apart from harvesting, rotatory unions are also installed in the machinery that is used for further processing of grains.

  • Printing Press

In printing, rotatory unions are used in ink vibrators. For printing on the rolls of paper, this device is also used.

There are hundreds of applications present in the industry and the numbers are increasing rapidly. However, we only highlighted the important applications in which high pressure rotatory unions are necessary.

Best models of High pressure rotatory unions

There are various companies which are manufacturing rotatory unions for meeting the requirements of high pressure, some of them are given below:

Moflon MHPS Series – Moflon is manufacturing rotatory unions having a tendency to handle 20000 PSI pressure. The have anti-corrosion material which works best in offshore situations such as offshore cranes.

DSTI 1900 Series – These high pressure union rings are best for oil or hydraulic medium. The pressure tendency is 20000 PSI and the maximum speed is 50RPM.

SRS OHP series – These rotatory unions have the following attributes: High Pressure, Multiple Flow Packages, and Anti-Corrosion.

DSTI HPS Series – Although, its connection type is medium pressure, it has a pressure tendency of 20000 PSI and the max. Speed is 50RPM.


We recommend you to analyze your equipment first and then go for the union which best suits your nature of work. Choosing the right device always helps

Did you find it helpful? If you think we’ve missed out anything about high pressure rotary union manufacturers. Do let us know. If you have any questions that are causing trouble while choosing the best model for your equipment, you can consult us. We’d be happy to assist you further.

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