Here’s why people vouch for a career in cybersecurity


Here’s why people vouch for a career in cybersecurity

As the world heads towards a more digital and more connected space, we witness waves of technological innovation surfacing more frequently than ever. And a sudden dark realization dawns upon as: we have become more exposed digitally. New risks are born and we have new things to lose. And we come to realise that cybersecurity is in fact, more important than we gave it credit for. In this article you will find several benefits that this field of information security offers to those who want to take it up as a career.

  • Room to grow

There’s plenty of room to grow if you choose a career in Cybersecurity because security is a never ending job and the more technologies that we create, the more we need security in new and fresh ways. Now, that’s a really exciting opportunity that a lot of people don’t get to enjoy in their jobs. There is no limit to the number of courses that you can take or specialize in. The wider and varied your experience, the better you will get at information security.

  • Plenty of courses

Cyber security is a field that has expanded exponentially over time. Every year you will find new areas being added to cyber security, for example, when cloud computing came to the picture cloud security became an important area of cyber security. As we see artificial intelligence and machine learning and even robotics becoming widely used, we can expect specializations in these fields as well. In this field, you will never get bored because you will always find something to learn that will be beneficial to your primary line of work as well, for example, you could be a CEH certification holder with skills in forensic analysis as well.

  • Wide application

When it comes to variety, cyber security professionals enjoy nothing less than a riot of options because its wide application ensures that it is used almost everywhere in the world. Wherever there is digital technology, there is cyber security. You can choose an industry of your liking because from protecting pacemakers in heart patients to protecting satellites in space to protecting music streaming mobile applications, the application of cyber security is literally endless and it is only going to expand further as we move into a more digitally run future.

  • High demand

The demand for cyber security professionals is constantly on the rise. During the coronavirus pandemic, many industries struggled to stay on their feet but cyber security was something that not just survived but came out stronger than before because of a range of reasons which include increasing cyber threats, increasing dependence on digital mediums and a more vulnerable world to name a few. According to MIT technology review, less than one out of four individuals who apply for cyber security positions are qualified. This just goes on to increase the gaping scale divide in the cyber security job market and ends up creating more demand for skilled and qualified professionals worldwide and industrywide. Learn more about things like identity and access management and you’ll definitely be in demand with larger, enterprise-level businesses. It’s a great way to make your resume stand out.

  • High job satisfaction

Job satisfaction is something you’ll never have to struggle with as an information security professional because this job has a direct, real and an instant impact. Every day that you go to work, you will be working to make a difference, saving somebody’s life, protecting people’s privacy and saving companies millions of dollars in damage and attacks.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, cyber security is one hell of a career and if you’re planning to secure your future in a profession that has 360° benefits, then you should seriously consider this field. There are no educational qualification restrictions that can’t be overcome here if you really want to learn information security. So, go ahead and find yourself an ethical hacking training  or an incident response course or anything that tickles your fancy and just start learning!


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