7 Helpful Tips for Writing a Motivational Speech


7 Helpful Tips for

Writing a Motivational Speech

Students are put to multiple challenges. Some of them belong to personal issues. However, most of them are directly related to their academics. They have to compose a great variety of writing assignments. Each is specific in its own way and may cause some difficulties. One of such assignments is a motivational speech. It’s not quite easy to cope with this sort of assignments. Therefore, read and learn our 7 helpful tips.

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Identify your primary subject

First of all, you should identify your major objective. This aim can be reached if you answer the following questions:


  • What do you want to discuss?
  • What do you think your listeners would like to hear?
  • What are the possible challenges?
  • Which concept is the most important?
  • How can it help other people?


Ask these questions and if you have a few more, answer them too.

You need a clear purpose to create a strategy of presentation. Therefore, you ought to clarify a few essential points. What would you like your audience to do? What should you avoid and where to stop? Try to predict the reaction of your audience to various things you may use. Make the proper corrections if you feel that your arguments are weak.

Develop three major points

Every motivational speech is supposed to follow the rule of three important points. These are:

  • Reveal the heart of a winner.
  • Fully devote yourself to the main purpose.
  • Motivate, teach, and inspire other people.

Keeping these points in your head, you should tell a story. It’s a story about something meaningful and also personal. Attach something from you to every point your highlight.

Have one point

Some speech givers involve too many topics into a single presentation. It’s a huge mistake because it messes up your listeners. They won’t be able to understand what the general idea is. Therefore, choose one point and cover it.

Know your audience

You should know your listeners perfectly. Define who they are and what they want. It’s important to take into account their background, professions, age, gender and so on. These essentials will give the answer.

Make logical connections

Your speech ought to be two-sided. Remember that you give a speech to other people and not to yourself only. Therefore, make logical connections and speak for people who came to listen to your presentation. Translate all complex and unknown words into a simple language. Try to ask some questions and listen to the answers to engage everyone.

Rewrite and practice

Always revise and improve your presentation. Afterward, practice it in front of the mirror. Then ask some of your friends to listen. Thus, you gain more self-confidence.

Leave them wanting more

Make other people desire more. You may be speaking without haste most of your motivational speech. When you come to the end, say something like this – Now, I should wrap up a bit earlier and focus on the main points. This is a perfect moment because such sentences awake everyone. They will be eager to know what made you so hasty. It’s a chance to finish strong and state the main purpose of your presentation.

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