How to have a healthy relationship


How to have a healthy relationship

Relationships aren’t easy, they come with a lot of sacrifice, understanding trust. We often take little things for granted and end up sabotaging our relationship. That’s the little things that matter, we have heard this and it’s the truth. We have some tips that you could follow in order to have a healthy relationship. 

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1. Love yourself

Whether you are in a relationship or not this should be your life mantra. If you can’t love yourself then no one ever will. If you wanna make your partner happy, try to make yourself happy first. Do what you love, take time for yourself. A happy partner is all it takes to have a happy and healthy relationship. Be comfortable with yourself. Be responsible for your happiness don’t make it their responsibility to make you happy all the time, this will just put too much burden on your partner.

2. Be honest and truthful to each other

There shouldn’t be any secrets between you and your partner. If something has happened to tell them, if you have done something come clean before they find out from someone else. Honestly is key to have a healthy relationship. Nothing will harm your relationship more than lies, stay away from lying as much as you can.

3. Communicate

If can’t communicate with your partner then it’s not gonna be an easy road. Talk about your feelings, don’t be puzzled if you are upset about anything. Just talk to them if something is bothering you or if you think something is bothering them. Appreciate them as well if they do something special for you. Communication is like a strong pillar of your relationship. Better communication between two of you stronger will be your relationship.

4. Learn to forgive

There is no relationship without mistakes or without arguments or misunderstanding. If you have done something ask them to forgive you and say sorry. If they have done something and apologizing then forgive them. Let things from past stay in the past. Additionally, don’t make the same mistake again And again. Forgiving someone is an essential element of a healthy relationship. You can’t stay mad forever, this will just harm both of you.

5. Give them space

Everybody needs some time for themselves. If your partner needs some space give them and if you want some space say so. Have a life outside of that relationship, let them spend some time with their friends and do what they love and try doing these things for yourself. Don’t ever take granted your alone time, if you don’t get that sooner or later you are gonna be frustrated this will ruin your relationship in one way or another.

6. Don’t say yes to everything

You simply can’t agree to whatever your partner say for the sake of your partner’s feelings. If you don’t agree with something just say so, don’t be a dummy who says yes to everything every time. You are allowed to have opinions about things, you are allowed to have a perspective towards different situation and that is more than okay. If are agreeing to something which you don’t believe in, it’s not gonna work in the long run. Having a strong opinion is what makes you strong and standing up for yourself will benefit you and your relationship in the long run.

 7. Give your 100% support

Whether your partner is going through anything or they want to do something extraordinary in their life just be there for them and let them know they have your full support no matter what! It will build your relationship strong. You are not just in relationship with that person, you are in there for their dreams, their failures and achievements too. Give your full support to them.

8. Open up about intimacy

If you are not comfortable with something to talk to them, open up about how you feel about this stuff. Do not do anything which you are uncomfortable about and don’t make your partner do stuff he/she doesn’t like. Intimacy is a very important aspect of a healthy relationship, cherish it but don’t make a big deal out of by making your partner uncomfortable.

9. Respect each other

If you are in a relationship you have to respect the other person, treat them with utmost respect. Don’t let them feel for a second that you don’t respect them. Don’t try to change them or yourself. Respecting your own self is as much important. 

These are the things you should do and understand if you want to keep a healthy relationship with your partner. It’s not as easy as you think and not as hard as it seems. Work your way together to cherish every moment of it. 

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