Hair Fall Treatment At Home For Male And Female


Hair Fall Treatment At Home

The appearance of a person is determined by the visual parts such as – eyes, rosy lips, smooth strong hairs, elegant smile. These body parts can make person look attractive as well as dull. Someone has truly said, that the feeling of happiness or grief can be easily guessed by looking into the eyes of that person as eyes never lie.

In this guide you will be finding a proper tutorial on hair fall treatment at home. Now, why it is necessary to provide you an education on how to do hair fall treatment at home, this might be hitting your mind. The reason behind writing this tutorial on hair fall treatment at home for male and hair fall treatment at home for female will help you in saving your money that you pay to salons who apply chemical products on your scalp.

It might happen that you must survive hair fall after getting your hair pass through those dangerous chemicals included products. That’s why this tutorial on how to do hair fall treatment at home will really help you out.

Therefore, if someone is going through a situation try to be positive from inside no matter what ever the situation is as – the visual features will carry that positive message too.

Every body part is essential for survival and many of us are gifted with every part unlike few who are born as especially abled but with whatever we have its important to make those things healthier. Here we will see the significance of hairs for male and female and how can we keep our hairs damage free and how the hair treatment for male and female helps in bringing back the lost shine.

The science of hairs

Hairs are the protein filament especially keratin protein, chiefly found in mammals. In humans since birth hair starts appearing and it grows from time to time.

In animals the body hairs protect from cool waves, in humans also our body hairs as well as hairs on the top of our surfaces serves the primary purpose of heat insulation.

Mostly people in Asian countries have black hairs which indicate melanin pigment in the body and people living in Europe and America are born with golden brown hairs have low melanin pigment. The high content of this helps in good amount of UV absorption and protects skin from sun. If someone has grey hairs then melanin production in their body has stopped.

With the difference in color the texture of female and male hairs also varies. Majorly 3 types are identifies:

  1. Straight hairs 
  2. wavy hairs 
  3. curly hairs

The care of each types of hair differs. In this blog we will look all the aspects of caring and gaining of hairs, so keep reading!

Hair Issues

We have often come across with hair problems in our daily life since childhood to old age most of us never get satisfied with our hairstyles! We are pretty much aware of the fact that at childhood our hairs have volume and lustre but as we grow up and cross our teenage those 2 main ingredients are lost.

Hair problems can be life long and can be seasonal that means in particular season the hair starts damaging or falling as soon as the season changes the hair began to charge up automatically. So in that case it is imperative to know what types of hair you carry and which season doesn’t suits your hair.

Easy Solutions

Expert says the more straight the hairs are more oily they can be and more wavy they are more frizzy they can be. We often have noticed our hair remain shiny and clean on the day we rinse our head and the other day it starts becoming oily or frizzy. Here we are sharing few tips which can definitely help to tackle the hair problems:

  1. Choose the shampoo according to your hair type and do not trust the product easily
  2. Massage twice a week with nutritious hair oils such as- coconut oil, sunflower oil with few drops of lemon, Argon oil, Almond oil
  3. Apply serum if hair is dry and dull
  4. Do not pour too hot and too cold water while washing your hair
  5. Minimise the use of straightener and hair dryers

These are the 5 basic health care routines, male and female hair lovers can easily follow. In the shortage of time and hectic schedule we often forget to massage with oil a day before we have to wash the hairs and skip this part which makes hairs dull, full with dandruff and damage them later, guys and girls stick a note of this in the front of the wall or set a reminder of it in the phone, following this for 6 months the shine of the hair will be back as oils are the recharging fuels for the hair roots.

The Major Ones

There are other hair problem as well which needs proper medication and consultation of the trichologist (the hair expert) such problems are:

  1. Alopecia: a genetic condition of complete baldness
  2. Ringworm scalp: This is a fungal infection of the skin
  3. Baldness: sometimes side hairs or middle hairs go away
  4. Lice: common in children as they play in ground and dust
  5. Psoriasis : This is a skin condition that manifests itself in red patches covered in silvery scales, which can also appear on the scalp. It doesn’t itch but treatment so far is fairly unsuccessful

These are major hair problems and also common these days and can occur at early teenage irrespective of gender and geographical condition so keep healthy from inside as well as keep visiting doctors for allergies and early symptoms.


Due to lack of care or bad lifestyle the common hair issues such as- dullness, dandruff and split ends can occur in long hairs. These 3 are the enemies of a person who loves to flaunt his or her long hairs. Now-a-days the hair saloons have become the best friend for the treatment of hairs and the trendy looks like- hair blonde, hair straightening and smoothening is in fashion. It is important to choose right saloon because there are plenty of which are taking lot of money out of your pocket without giving proper care and applying cheap and black products to the customer’s hair. Research is crucial!

The Natural Ways

Earlier days when these saloons were not in trend and ladies and gentlemen feel shy to go for treatment, still people of that time had great glamorous hairs to flaunt. How? Without any serum or hair spa treatment?

There is something beyond technology and that is home remedies or natural Ayurveda treatment for healthy hairs. In this blog the hair treatment at home for male and the hair treatment for female is shared. Have a look!

Both male and female hair follicle are same when nutrition in concerned and can be of different texture so both can follow this treatment for head hairs.

For dandruff problem

  • control dandruff with neem leaves, boil water and put neem leaves wash your hair with little warm water
  • Apply Apple cider vinergar with water on scalp
  • Massage with coconut and few drops of lemon in it
  • Avoid coldrinks as it dehydrates the body which leads to pimple in skin and dandruff at scalp.

For Dry Hairs

  • Apply curd to the hairs and then wash it, Avoid applying dye or mehendi if you use.
  • Apply honey with hair oil and massage.
  • Wash hairs with green tea.

For Oily Hairs

  • Use Egg it will make shiner and dry
  • Massage with Tea tree oil
  • Avoid eating fried foods and colddrinks

For Split Ends

  • Eat vitamins as much you can especially –Amla, oranges, lemon
  • Trimming every 1 or 2 months
  • Take supplements of omega 3 capsules and mix it with hair oil and chill

For Hair Fall

  • Eat citric food items- Amla, lemon juice, grapes, mausambi and coconut water in summer as well as in winters.
  • Apply onion juice in bald scalp for re-growth
  • Few yoga steps can bring hormonal cycle balanced
  • Jojoba oil is preferred for hair fall problem

Also, there are some preventive measures which can protect your hairs if they aren’t damaged yet! Because pollution also is the main reason of making hairs looks sombre.

So, some Do’s and Don’ts for hair fall treatment at home for male and hair fall treatment at home for female are :

  1. Avoid excessive sun exposure
  2. Avoid contact with chlorinated water in swimming pools or wash it with shampoo as soon as possible
  3. Avoid blow dryer regularly and let sun give its shine to your hair
  4. Do not tight your hairs in pony tails for too long hours and let hairs be open for sometimes
  5. At night make a pony tail and sleep, open hairs become rough.
  6. Do not tie the wet hairs let it be dry naturally first or use dryer.
  7. Cover your hair with dupatta or scarf and eyes with sunglasses in dust.
  8. Comb hairs lightly do not put too much force while combing.
  9. Use mild shampoos or ayurvedic which are sulphate free, as chemicals slowly makes hair dull and greasy.
  10. Drink plenty of juices and water and consume a balanced diet which could be equal in vitamins and protein as well as gives carbs for the body.

It is the fact that hairstyle gives a new look to the face and adds beauty to it weather for a male or a female hair transform the personality of an individual. We all have grown up listening to the story of a young princess ‘Rapunzel’ who was fame for her attractive long hairs and in reality, that much growth is hard to keep however, the quality of hairs still matters and that can be achieve my applying above methods and changing the lifestyle. Because as we will grow volume of hair will decrease and shiny will vanish so more the nutrients better growth and glow of the hair and face respectively.

We have discussed natural ways for the hair treatments of male and female but it is also important to take few recognised hair treatments from saloons if we could not make it at our home. Such as- if hairs are too damage one can do hair spy once a month. It is available for both hair treatments male or female in good saloons.

In this blog from start to end we have discussed every aspect of having a healthy more volume hair for building personality and good looks. There are certain problems like we have discussed which needs dermatologist or trichology’s and cannot be cure at home remedies. Apart from that home remedies can cure the basic issues related to hair or scalp problems these days.

Hair issues will be increase in near future for sure as oxygen level is decreasing and climate emergency is at stake, pollution has risen which is making hard for breathing fresh air.

So, people living in city area will have to bear the consequences of environment changes, but that doesn’t mean it is an advantage for villagers to not care for hairs. Both villagers and city people and male and female have to care for their hairs on the top if they want to have a good shape of their hairs.

Also, selection of few things in daily life also naturally adds to the growth of hairs- such as daily exercise or running makes the hormones active and therefore the unnecessary hairfall. Plus, selection of shampoo pays a crucial role because high chemical content makes hair problems worse so a mild shampoo with conditioner can be fit for the health of hair of male and female.

Also make a separate towel and comb for your hair. A person suffering from lice or scalp problem and if you use the same comb used by that person then you have to bear the consequences.

And if we are struggling with hair problems then do not panic first and do not feel you are a loner as these issues can be worse if we feel sad and dejected from inside – the neurologist says this fact.

We hope that this tutorial on hair fall treatment at home, hair fall treatment at home for male and hair fall treatment at home for female helped you out in most ways. We highly recommend you to use the mentioned above natural ways to cure your hair and help yourselves from preventing your skin from getting chemical infected.

Hair fall treatment at home for male and hair fall treatment at home for female, both can do it in the finest ways and also these ways will make your hairs smoother and shiner.

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