Godh Bharai Meaning in English : Baby Shower


Godh Bharai Meaning in English 

Baby Shower

The biggest blessing from God a girl receive is when she is about to become a mother. When a woman is pregnant at that time the entire world and universe shower their blessing on her, and the family start preparing to welcome the new member in the house.

Just before the delivery, every member makes sure that they have brought all those things that is required for the new born and just before few days of the delivery, there is a custom known as “ Godh Bharai ”. So, today we are here to discuss about what is godh bharai meaning, how it is celebrated, why it is celebrated and what happens in the celebration.

Godh Bharai meaning is very important for those women who are going to be a mommy soon and it is one of the best feeling for them to become a mother. Its like their new birth also. So, if you are also excited to know about the godh bharai meaning then read the entire article.

Before we understand the actual godh bharai meaning, we will first understand what is it and then we will dig deeper into the godh bharai meaning.

Godh Bharai Meaning

Godh Bharai is a basically a Hindi word, whose English translation is “ Baby Shower ”. Godh bharai meaning is fulfilling the lap of the would be mother with lots of love and blessings for her as well her child’s health. Everyone prays that the would be mother should get blessed with a cute son or daughter which will be healthy, proper developed and look beautiful.

As in Hindi religion, godh bharai meaning is baby shower, there are different names in different religions by which people know it. Such as in West Bengal godh bharai meaning is “Shaad, in Kerala godh bharai meaning is Seemthaam and in Tamil Nadu godh bharai meaning is Valkappu.

Moving forward, lets see when this godh bharai custom is celebrated:

When Godh Bharai Is Celebrated ?

There are some families who celebrate this godh bharai custom in the 7th month of pregnancy. It is believed that in the 7th month the child in the womb is much developed and have started listening to what people say outside. Where as some families do this ritual in the 8th month of pregnancy in which the child is almost developed and preparing to come out into the world. Apart from that, there are families who do not believe in this ritual and others celebrate this ritual after the child is born.

How Godh Bharai Is Celebrated ?

After knowing the godh bharai meaning, you might be curious to know about how this ritual is celebrated right? So, here it goes:

There are different ways followed in different states to celebrate this custom but the motto is common, that is to give blessings to the child and mother. People in the form of love and blessings give various gifts to the would be mother like gold, clothes, bangles, ornaments and many more things which can be useful for both the mother and the child.

Wrapping Up

We hope that now you know the godh bharai meaning and if you are one of them who is soon going to be a mother, many many congratulations from our team! We hope that your child will be as beautiful as you, and your new life will be smooth and full of love and happiness.

Carrying a baby in womb for complete 9 months is a very daunting task, a mother has to go through many obstacles and the pain at the time of delivery is beyond our imagination but the blessings and love she receives in the godh bharai makes her more and more stronger and give her the power to give birth to the child.

If you liked our information, do share it with your closed ones specially with the would be mothers to make the understand the godh bharai meaning just in case they doesn’t know. Take care of your health, go for regular check ups and stay tuned with us.

Keep loving us and keep reading our content. We will be back soon with more such interesting information which will make your day a happy one.

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