Genius Ways to Store Shoes in Your Closet


Genius Ways to Store Shoes in Your Closet

Nothing feels more amazing than scoring a great bargain on a new pair of shoes. For many shoe lovers, this particular deal comes with a downside: It’s one more pair of shoes to put in your closet. The good news is that by using these genius ways to store shoes in your closet, you’ll be able to fit more pairs in the same amount of space.

  • Hanging Organizers

Hanging shoe organizers are excellent when you’re looking to continue adding new shoes to your collection. These organizers hang in your closet or on a door, which allows you to store your shoes along a vertical surface that would typically go to waste. In some, one pocket contains one shoe while others are big enough to fit the pair.

  • Shoe Racks

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Shoe racks are a great way to increase the space you have to store your shoes in your closet. Shoe racks are often horizontal shelving units, and some offer spikes to hold your shoes in place. These racks come in a variety of sizes to let you find the perfect fit for your closet.

  • Modular Shelving

Your closet can be developed into the perfect shoe storage spot by using modular shelving. These units allow you to customize the storage area of your closet to maximize the shoes and clothes you can fit into it. You can set your shelving up to contain all of your shoes or incorporate other parts of your wardrobe. Some modular shelving units can be relatively inexpensive, but for some collectors, it’s worth it to have a professional service come in to create a more impressive setup.

  • DIY Shoe Storage

You can be creative with your shoe storage options. Turn an everyday ladder into a shoe rack. Add some nails to keep the planks in place and paint it for a unique shoe storage option. You can also repurpose old furniture into a shoe rack. Bookcases, armoires, and similar furniture can be used to store your shoes.

  • Specialty Shoe Shelving

There is some fantastic shoe shelving that’s designed specifically for shoes and boots. One of these is Shoe Slotz. These interesting storage devices allow you to vertically stack a pair of heels on top of each other. There are some plastic storage boxes designed with shoes in mind that can also help to keep your shoes in order.

When it comes to boots, it can be hard to find an easy way to store them, especially tall boots that don’t fit in most shoe storage options. That’s where boot hangers can come in handy. These clips keep your boots together and hang them like a clothing hanger. Not only does it help with space, but it can keep your boots looking their best without creases from being folded over.

You can implement one or two of these genius ideas to help fit all of your shoes neatly into your available space. You may even find that once you’ve put some of them into play, you have room for more shoes in your collection.

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