Free Online Tools for Webmasters to Use In 2019


Free Online Tools for Webmasters to Use In 2019

Consider that you have a new website, and you want to increase its organic traffic. For that purpose, you have to use authority SEO tools. Most of the tools that webmasters use are expensive, and to use these you have to buy monthly or quarterly subscriptions. If you are new to the field of search optimization, then you might not know that there are free online tools available for web professionals to increase site traffic. Website analysis is an important aspect to find out the loopholes affecting the desired expected traffic rate. Those websites that have quality backlinks get more user’s appreciation within no time.  This article is about the free tools that you can easily access online and can get precise information about the growth of your website.

Using free online tools to analyze traffic growth is now becoming a norm worldwide. Following are the top of the line benefits that you can enjoy by getting help from an online tool.

  • Online SEO tools increase the quality of work
  • These tools help webmasters to work from anywhere
  • Online tools enable users to keep all information in one place
  • By tracking, enjoy long term sustainability in progress
  • Reporting team progress becomes easy
  • You can keep track of everything

Prepostseo Tools

Prepostseo is an amazing website for the website owners to analyze the increase in organic traffic of their website freely. This site provides various free online tools including, plagiarism checker, grammar checker, reverse image search, backlink generator, and SEO score checker, etc. tools.  If you have a newly developed website and worried about the quality of its content, then my advice is for you to must use their plagiarism tool. It will enable you to find out the copied texts from your content. Unique texts mean more authority for your site. If your site is related to education, blogging, news or product oriented, then prepostseo is the best place for you to evaluate traffic trends. As an SEO specialist, you can attain the following SEO services by using this platform.

  • Evaluation of the quality of content
  • Finding any grammar mistakes and errors
  • Generating Free Backlinks for your site
  • Google indexing for web pages
  • Reverse image searches
  • Creating an XML site map for your site

Google Analytics

Google analytics is free of cost web analytics service provided by Google. These free tools help webmasters to inspect and track the real-time website traffic. Google launched this online tool back in 2005. With the help of this tool, you can find out how many online visitors are on your website right now. You can find out the numbers of organic searches on your site. You can also make a clear assessment of the keywords for your site with this free tool.  You can compare your competitor’s traffic according to a specific geographical area or location. Top benefits of Google analytics tool is mentioned below.

  • Find out your online visitors in real time.
  • Evaluate traffic flow through your site.
  • See what users are searching related to your product or services
  • Initiate targeted campaigns
  • Freely generate customized data reports
  • Goal setting and free monitoring the search trends

It’s the best alternative to the Google keyword planner. You can use this tool for investigating and vetting precise keywords for your site. gives valuable long tail keywords for the content development of your website. You can make a long keyword list for a site according to the niche and category of the products and services you provided. The tool uses Google autocomplete mechanism to give hundreds of related long tail keywords. Using Keyword Tool, you can pick an exact Google domain out of 192 authority domains and one out of 85 languages that will be used to give suggestions about keywords. As a free online tool, you can use it because of the following reasons.

  • Performing long tail keyword research for your site
  • For searching long tail keywords for your PPC campaign
  • Keywords analysis for Bing, Amazon, eBay and other search engines as well
  • Get free statistics results for search volume, competition, and site rivalry

Google Search Console

Known formally as Google webmasters tool, it’s a free platform for web professionals to monitor important functions of their website. This free tool allows users to collect relevant data on their site. It timely conveys the warning of site errors 404 or 302.  Can generate a free report on errors you identify for your website, and then implement a strategy to overcome attached errors. Here you can freely find out how many pages of your site are indexed, and how many still required proper indexing. Webmasters can enjoy following free web services through this tool.

  • Your website keywords ranking in top search engines
  • HTML improvements and rectification of site errors
  • Organic search analytics
  • Evaluate how much friendly is your website
  • Can take manual actions to improve site health

Uber Suggest

Owned by the SEO specialist Neil Patel, Uber suggest is one of the most admired free SEO keyword analysis tools. This tool is exactly like the Google Keyword Planner and Google Suggest tool, but with more enhanced and user’s friendly interface. The best thing about this tool is that it’s updated on a regular basis. With outstanding user’s interface and more keyword suggestions for the site, website owners now give preference to Uber Suggest tool. You can get the following site related outcomes by using this free tool.

  • Conducting domain overview, including assessment of keyword + Content + Social media growth
  • Can find out how your competitors are ranking higher
  • You can get more keyword ideas for long tail + short tail keywords
  • Backlink analysis of your site. From where your site is getting backlinks.
  • The more interactive interface helps to draw a successful strategy

Ending Note

Well, it’s up to you to find it out which tool has more feasible for your site. Although all of these tools are free, you have first to analyze your need, and then make a decision of using anyone as per your requirement.

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