The Free Market And PKT Cash Crypto


We might not want to admit it, but life is a competition. It’s not always a competition against other people, but it’s always a competition against the person standing in the mirror. Human nature makes us want to succeed and always want more.

Even when starting school, you’re competing to get better grades. When you work for something, the rewards of those results are what make life good. Competing against one another is a natural part of life. It’s the only way in which we discover who is more competent.

We can see the best in sports. When two teams are battling it out and putting their hearts on the line, the better one will win, either during the entire season or in the final game. The free market works in the same manner. Tools, products, and services enter the realm where they compete against one another to see which is best.

If you’re an entrepreneur, you’re essentially betting that your product or service is better than everything else. You can do that by making something that will be cheaper, faster, or better than the competing companies or individuals. Follow this link for more info 

If you’ve done everything correctly, the market will reward you with profits, meaning money, which you can use to do it all again. When we multiply this example across space and time, we get to the progress we’ve had as a civilization. If you want to go even deeper, then the market is the place where truth is decided. Everyone has a question about whether their product is supreme in their niche. The market gives the objective answer. 

What happens if a monopoly takes over?

Let’s look at the free market as a game with points. The game is the total global economy, and the points are the money we’re using. Well, money is the best invention that we’ve had across time since it’s the best thing when it comes to executing, negotiating, and calculating deals.

Whenever those processes are obstructed or prohibited via force, then we’re dealing with a monopoly. That will eventually lead to more evil in the world, tools that don’t work, and incorrect pricing. Monopolization forces entrepreneurs to start counterfeiting their own products to keep afloat.

There are plenty of examples of that. One of the worst things that Europe has done is the trade of human lives in Africa by an influx of trade beads. It’s at that time when the saying that money is the root of all evil emerges.

However, contrary to popular belief, that saying is not true. A dollar bill in itself is not good or bad. It’s what we use it for that determines that moral ground. If we think of it as a tool, then the end goal of the user is what needs to be judged. It can be used to feed starving nations, and it can also be used to fuel wars. 

Rising inflation rates

Whoever controls the production of money always wants a bigger piece of the pie. Let’s look at an example that can be taken as a thought experiment. Just recently, the United States artificially created trillions of dollars by the click of a button in the case of stimulus checks.

Of course, this step should save the economy, but an alcohol company is aware of the facts that inflation can have. In this case, they have a couple of options. If a bottle of their drink was sold for 10 dollars, they could now try selling it for 20 bucks.

Another thing they can do is keep selling it at the same price and lose their profit margins by half. The third option is to keep selling it for the same price but add a bit of water and lower the quality. All these options put the owner into a tight spot.

They can keep doing what they’re doing and lose half of their money. If they add water, they will be defrauding the clients. If they raise prices, other companies can capitalize on lower quality, and they’ll be flushed by the market.

In the end, inflation will destroy multiple industries, as well as the realm of financial scarcity and the moral grounds of the society at stake. Plenty of experts now think that inflation is theft, and they’re looking for a currency like packetcrypt that will be resistant to this issue. Since inflation is a plague that destroys society, the only possible option is Bitcoin, which will be the cure for all these problems.

How can you fight the system?

Governments and central banks are systems and institutions that are run by people. Everything that we’ve created as a species has been invented by the human mind. The best invention is the free market which chose gold as the currency of the world.

The institutions didn’t like this option since they couldn’t artificially manipulate the prices, and that’s why we’re living in a world of fiat currency. The antidote to that is investing and using cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin was the start of 2009, and now there are plenty of altcoins that are trying to improve on the initial concept.

One of those solutions is PKT Cash which is trying to add free speech back to the internet. We’ve all noticed that Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms only allow things that are compatible with their terms of service. These institutions are so powerful that Twitter even banned the President of the United States.

The only source of power that can combat them is the attention we’re giving them. The less attention they get, the more freedom we’ll have. The PKT project is trying to create a new internet by using bandwidth that’s available today.

It’s like stockpiling amounts of data that are going to be used in the future. As a reward for being a part of the change, you get tokens from a proof of work system that rewards you for chipping in. This is a part of the silent revolutions that are popping up in the world of crypto, and it’s worth researching it. 


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