Formula 1 – Types of bets


Formula 1 is the queen of motorsports. Betting on Formula 1 races does not attract crowds at online bookmakers. This can be explained by the fact that India is not a nation inclined towards this event since Indian drivers are rare and not really competitive.

At the same time, India has lost its Formula 1 Grand Prix. Since last year, it is finally back. All in all, motorsport does not have a good press at a time when the environment is at the heart of the issues. A lot of considerations explain how online betting on Formula 1 is considered as a small sport.

Yet there are real opportunities and the types of bets are limited so it is faster to bet. We said faster, not easier! The odds bear this out. They are good even for the favorites because it is difficult to predict a race when everything can stop at the first curve of the race.

For the mechanics, it is important to look at the reliability of the machines. A big team can have recurring problems.  This often happens at the beginning of the season.  An engine that fizzes at the first grand prix is an indication to watch out for. For the circuit or the field. It impacts the mechanics.

A winding track will put the brakes to the test. A driver will be more at ease on such or such terrain. For the WRC World Championship, this is a major criterion. For a long time, the Swedish WRC Rally was only won by Swedes or Finns; Sebastien Loeb only won it once.  Moreover, in Formula 1, some races are held at night. 

If it doesn’t change, they have predilections for certain circuits, for certain asphalts and certain terrains. The weather: This is a major and essential factor. In any kind of motorsport, the weather can change everything and complicate your bets. It is under heavy rain that the surprises come. But it’s also the scorching heat that can create mechanical problems.

The grand Prix consists of practice, qualifying, and the Grand Prix. Qualifying allows drivers to win their places on the starting grid. In this bet, you will be asked who will be in pole position and who will have won the qualifying. Advantage: the odds are good and the history can be a great help. Disadvantage: it can be difficult to make a choice, especially at the beginning of the Formula 1 World Championship.

Our opinion: this is a good type of betting . It is more difficult at the beginning of the season when there is little information about the competitiveness of the cars and the form of the drivers. In Formula 1, we know that the most powerful teams are ahead.

The history of a driver on the circuit is a precious help. It is therefore a bet that offers good readability. The bet: Drivers with the three fastest times in the last qualifying session. The aim is to determine which drivers will manage to finish in the top three at the end of the last session. This is the session that is often the most competitive, as the drivers let go of their horses in order to make up places on the starting grid. Advantage: here again, the odds can be pretty good and you often find the top drivers during this last lap. Disadvantage: the bad surprise can spoil a bet with two drivers out of the three selected.

Our opinion: This bet requires finding a trio. It is inevitably more complex than finding a driver. Here again, for the last few seasons, we have found the same ones quite regularly. This bet is a bit too random at the beginning of the season, but it can be useful in your betting range a bit later, once a mechanical hierarchy and men are taking shape. The bet: winner of the driver and team event You have to bet on the winner of the Formula 1 Grand Prix and on the winning manufacturer. The two bets are separate. Advantage: the odds are interesting and it is a bet based on rational factors. Disadvantage: Except for the risk of being wrong, this is not a tricky type of betting.

Our opinion: This is the simple bet of the F1 betting types. The difference is that you have a wider choice of drivers. No need to panic. The best drivers are on the best machines. Surprises are so rare that they are anecdotal. If you follow our tips for betting on Formula 1, you will have the keys to make the right choice. Beware, however, that some betting sites prohibit complimentary bets. For example, if you bet on Lewis Hamilton to win the Mercedes race, this could be considered as a side bet. Be sure to read your bookmaker’s online betting rules.


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