Finding ATM in Dubai: The Quest to Find One When You Need It


Dubai is a city that is known for its extravagance. From the luxurious hotels to the abundant shopping centres, there is no shortage of things to see and do in this Middle Eastern metropolis. However, finding an ATM can be challenging if you’re visiting Dubai and need to get your hands on some cash. While there are many ATMs throughout the city, not all accept foreign cards.

Most machines are located inside banks, so unless it’s the middle of the night or a holiday, you’ll likely have to go inside to get money. So, where can you go to find an ATM that will take your card? Read on for our guide to finding an ATM in Dubai.

What to do if you’re lost and need to find an ATM in Dubai

If you find yourself lost and in need of an ATM in Dubai, the first thing you should do is try to locate a shopping mall. These heavily frequented places often have ATMs inside or nearby. 

Alternatively, you can look for a hotel or large office building, as they are likely to have ATM access. If all else fails, try stopping at a convenience store or gas station, as these locations may also have ATM options available. 

It’s always a good idea to carry cash as well as a backup method of payment, such as a credit card, just in case an ATM cannot be found or is out of service. However, with some smart searching and a bit of luck, you should be able to track down an ATM in Dubai without too much trouble.

In Dubai, ATMs can be found all over the city. If you need cash, one option is to approach a police officer or member of the Emirates Authority for History and Heritage. They can typically point you in the direction of the nearest ATM.

Additionally, most bank branches have an ATM on site, so finding one may just require locating the nearest branch. If you have internet access, another option is to search for “ATM” on Google Maps to locate nearby options. Though it can be stressful to find yourself without cash in a foreign city, rest assured that plenty of resources are available to help you locate an ATM in Dubai.

ATMs are a convenient way to get cash while traveling, but it’s important to be aware of the fees that can come with using them. Whenever you use an ATM outside your home network, your bank may charge you for using an ATM outside your home network.

How to find the nearest ATM in Dubai

When traveling to Dubai, it’s always helpful to have quick and easy access to cash. Fortunately, finding a nearby ATM is simple and convenient. One option is to use the ATM locator on your bank’s mobile app. Simply enter your current location and select “ATM” as the search option, and you’ll be given a list of nearby ATMs along with their addresses and distance from your current location.

Another convenient option is to look for one of Dubai’s branded ATM networks, such as Enoc or EPPCO. These networks can often be found at gas stations, shopping malls, and other popular locations. Finally, tourists can also stop by any branch of their bank, as many major international banks have multiple locations in Dubai. With these options, finding a convenient ATM in Dubai is a breeze.

ATMs in Dubai and What they offer

Did you know that Dubai has some of the most advanced ATMs in the world? 

  • They offer traditional functions like withdrawing cash.
  • Checking account balances. Many also allow people to make deposits.
  • Pay bills and even transfer funds between accounts.

In addition, some ATMs in Dubai offer services such as printing boarding passes and purchasing event tickets. These technological advancements make banking much more convenient for residents and visitors alike. 

Next time you’re in Dubai, check out these high-tech ATMs for all your banking needs. ATMs are the easiest way to get cash while you’re on vacation. However, before using an ATM in Dubai, it’s important to know the fees that can come with using them.

How to use an ATM in Dubai

Visiting a foreign country can be exciting, but it can also come with challenges, such as figuring out how to use their ATM machines. Never fear – using an ATM in Dubai is quite easy. First, make sure you have your debit card handy and know your identification number (PIN). Many ATMs in Dubai also accept credit cards. Next, select your preferred language – most ATMs offer English and Arabic options.

Then, simply follow the instructions to withdraw cash or check your balance. Be sure to take only the money you need and remember to take your card and receipt when you’re finished. And that’s all there is to it! 

ATMs are vital for traveling as they provide quick and easy access to cash. However, it’s important to know the fees that can come with using them.

Fees and charges associated with using ATMs in Dubai

While Dubai may be a city known for its luxury and opulence, it can also have hidden fees and charges for visitors. This is especially true when it comes to accessing cash from ATMs. Not only does the local bank charge a fee for withdrawing funds, but ATMs owned by international banks also come with fees.

One way to avoid these extra charges is to withdraw larger sums of money less often or to use ATMs inside banks rather than standalone machines. It is also wise to inform your bank about your travel plans, as foreign transaction fees can also apply to using ATMs in Dubai. Ultimately, careful planning and research can help visitors clear of unexpected ATM fees in this glamorous city.

Tips for avoiding scams when using an ATM in Dubai

  • When traveling in a foreign country, it’s important to remain vigilant to protect yourself from scams. This is especially true when using an ATM, as scam artists may try to steal your personal information or money. 
  • In Dubai, one common scam involves someone offering to help you at the ATM, only for them to steal your card or PIN information.
  • Never allow anyone to remotely access your account or offer assistance with your transaction. Being aware of your surroundings and any suspicious activity nearby is also important. If anything seems off, cancel the transaction and find another ATM in a safe location.
  • Always cover your hand while entering your PIN and ensure no one is looking over your shoulder. And remember, never give out personal information or share passwords with anyone via phone or email – even if they claim to be a representative from your bank. By staying alert and following these tips, you can help ensure a secure transaction at any ATM in Dubai.

Which banks have the most ATMs in Dubai

If you’re looking for the top banks with the most ATMs in Dubai, Emirates NBD and Mashreq Bank will come out on top. In fact, Emirates NBD boasts over 700 ATMs throughout the city, making it easy for customers to access their money. Mashreq Bank also offers a sizable network of ATMs, with over 500 machines located throughout Dubai. Other notable banks with a large presence of ATMs in Dubai include Dubai Islamic Bank and Commercial Bank of Dubai, both offering around 350 ATMs across the city.

However, one thing to remember is that ATM fees vary between banks and may be higher at some institutions than others. It’s helpful to research or ask around before making withdrawal decisions to save on fees. Overall, there are plenty of options for convenient access to cash in Dubai, thanks to the numerous ATMs offered by these top banks.


ATMs are widely available in Dubai, with machines located at banks, malls, and gas stations. You will likely not have trouble finding an ATM when you need one. Just be sure to check with your bank before you leave home to find out what fees they may charge for using an ATM outside your country. With a little planning ahead, you can avoid any surprise charges and make the most of your money while you’re in Dubai.

Knowing your nearest ATM in Dubai is important in case you need cash. It can be difficult to find an ATM if you’re lost, so make sure to ask for help from locals or the police. If you have a smartphone, use it to find the nearest ATM by using its GPS function.

Following these tips should help you find an ATM in Dubai with ease.


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