Why is a Reliable SMPP Service Always Welcome?


What are the Features and the Advantages of Using a Reliable SMPP Service?

Short Message Peer-to-Peer or the SMPP application is considered the industry standard in sending short and simple messages to different network providers. The SMPP network is efficiently used by industries in the field of telecommunications for the efficient exchange of messages between SMSEs or short message service centers and ESMEs or external short messaging entities.

  • Businesses make the effective use of this platform for communicating with their existing customers and also to make their presence felt among prospective clients. SMPP can help them establish communication even with consumers located outside the local region.
  • Even modern-day developers and other professionals are turning to SMPP because it is simple, fast and highly reliable. SMPP app is built in a way to perfectly integrate with any system or application.

Getting an Understanding of the SMPP Application

Some specialties include:

  • The SMPP application provides developers with a very effective and simple XML API that helps them in dealing with messages. Here, it is important to note that SMPP comes as a level-7 IP/TCP protocol that makes way for the reliable and faster delivery of short and simple messages to consumers throughout the world.
  • Most common versions of SMPP include v3.3 and v3.4 where v3.3 is widely supported and v3.4 comes with transceiver support meaning single connections used for sending and receiving messages.
  • The data exchange procedure can be synchronous where each peer needs to wait for response for the PDU delivered. However, the process can also be asynchronous where there are a number of requests made at one go and the same are acknowledged by the other peer.

What are the Market Drivers?

In these present times, B2B messages have garnered a lot of attention.

  • These are considered the most instrumental mediums of communication. These are widely used for obtaining relevant details.
  • Here, it is worth noting that the SMPP protocol has an important role to play in simplifying the process of data integration with varied wireless mobile networks such as GSM, TDMA and CDMA.
  • Mobile telecommunications and the industries in this field will not be able to operate without considering the services of a reliable SMPP service
  • Nevertheless, the companies using such solutions should have operators and developers with complete control on the applications that make use of the SMPP protocol. This is where the important role of a gateway platform comes into effective play.

Significant Features of SMPP Application

The SMPP app comes loaded with some of the most useful and beneficial features. We will have a look at them below:

  • Customer management: The users of the application can easily monitor their resellers and clients live.
  • Queue monitoring: SMPP users can manage message queues effectively and easily.
  • Route management: Users of an SMPP protocol get complete control on adding the number of bulk SMS providers they want. Also, they can manage all the providers in just one panel.
  • Approval of sender identification: Users have complete control on the approval and the rejection of the sender identification.
  • Approval of templates: it is upon the SMPP users to either approve or reject any template.
  • Binding one’s own SMPP path: The SMPP users also get the flexibility of binding their very own lines from the other vendors.
  • Spam keyword management: As a user, you get the flexibility of removing or adding spam keywords.
  • Selling aspects: You do not have to go through the hassle of purchasing messages in bulk.
  • Price management: SMPP app users avail the chance of selling messages at competitive prices.

Benefits of a Reliable SMPP Service

  • The SMPP app makes use of client-server protocol that can be successfully examined throughout the globe.
  • It is highly reliable as problems of failed and undelivered SMSs do not seem to arise when users send messages through SMPP servers.
  • The protocol ensures faster delivery of SMSs without any fail.
  • For business promotional campaigns and other different varieties of marketing campaigns, SMPP would be the right solution. Through SMPP, it becomes easier to send messages within just one day. Also, you can remain assured of the success of your SMS marketing campaigns.
  • SMPP is far more beneficial than the other messaging solutions mainly because you will be able to send just twenty SMSs using standard messaging solutions. However, with SMPP, it is possible to send as many as 1000 messages every second.
  • With SMPP, business professionals do not face this risk of constant SMS failures or downtime.
  • SMPP supports plain texts, binary and Unicode messaging along with extended length of text messages.
  • It enables the live delivery of message campaign reports by way of the gateway or the server.
  • SMPP also allows for the setup of custom sender.
  • Two-way messaging and its benefits can well be reaped with the use of SMPP.

These and other specific benefits prove that SMPP would be the right platform for sending business messages to a large number of contacts across the world.

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