The Essentiality Of An Air Conditioner Service


The Essentiality Of

An Air Conditioner Service

An air conditioner is one of the greatest boons created by mankind for use during unbearable humidity. Necessity is the mother of invention. The air conditioner was invented by Willis Carrier in 1902 when he was trying to cool down the humidity in the printing plant in which he was working. Nowadays, with the increase in global warming and a booming population, almost all homes have an AC, especially the urban regions. On a warm, sunny day, one cannot survive without an AC turned on. This is the comfort level we are in today. For these comforts to be permanent, we need the Air Conditioner to work seamlessly. This is where an AC Service Center comes into the picture. An AC service centre provides all kinds of air conditioner services like air filter cleaning, coil cleaning, coolant refilling, replacing damaged spare parts with new ones, and other AC services.

When Is An AC Service Required?

Your Air Conditioner might be working fine, but it is best to have a regular inspection by a specialist in this category at least once every year. Air Conditioners slowly collect dust particles in its filters and coils. The AC keeps accumulating dirt and debris, without you realizing it. The earlier you clean it, the better its efficiency and throughput. AC parts like the condenser, evaporator and the compressor are essential to be in their best condition for the AC to give its full ability, in the form of cooling the surrounding atmosphere. The chillness reduces slowly, or one fine day, it just stops working abruptly without any early symptoms. These issues can be solved by AC service centers like AC Care India, who are experts in this field. It is best to have an AMC plan for your Air Conditioner as early as possible. An AC in good condition can bring down electricity bills up to 15%. Some signs showed by an AC when it requires service are as follows:

  • Unsatisfactory airflow
  • Less cooling effect
  • Leakage of water
  • Bad smell or abnormal noises from the AC
  • Thermostat problems

Services Provided By An AC Service Centre

AC services include installation and un-installation of Air Conditioners. Selecting the AC’s size, the location where it needs to be placed, etc. is also essential to get the best efficiency from your air conditioners. An AC service centre provides the information required in choosing the right AC. They also help to install the AC in the right spot.

  • Size of the AC

The Air Conditioner must be chosen based on the size of the room in which it is going to be placed and not based on the budget alone. The bigger the room, the bigger the AC (with a higher tonnage) that must be installed.

  • Location of the AC

The compressor needs an optimum room temperature for it to work usually providing the best cooling it is supposed to. If the outdoor unit of the AC is placed under direct sunlight, it tends to be overheated soon, leading to a faulty compressor.

Some of the problems that occur in an Air Conditioner which is already installed are listed below. AC service providers can service these.

  • Clogged Air Filters/Fins

The dirtiest spot in an AC is the Air filter. It needs to be cleaned once a month to keep the chillness that the AC provides, at its peak. Dust keeps accumulating until it gets entirely blocked, which interrupts the chilled air to flow inside your room where the AC is placed. This causes ice formation in the AC, which later melts and causes leakage. When the AC service centre is called for service, they send an AC technician who will remove and washes the air filters. The fins on the condenser are also cleaned to remove any dirt deposited on them.

  • Coil and Fins Cleaning

The coils and fins in the condenser and evaporator tend to cumulate a lot of debris which in turn heats the Air Conditioner. Overheating of the coils causes it to fail. So, the AC service technician cleans the coils, fins, and other essential parts when they come for servicing your machine.

  • Leakage problem

The overflow pan causes leakage when it overflows. The condensate line usually drains the water from the overflow pan through the exterior outlet/drain pipe. Any water accumulated in your AC unit may also cause leakage. The Air Conditioner Service technician checks for any such causes of leakage and clears up the problem.

  • Insufficient Coolant

Freon gas has used coolant in an AC. This gas may run out or drop in level, which causes less cooling of the coils in the evaporator. The drop in temperature of the coils prevents the AC from cooling. This coolant needs to be refilled. The AC service center does this job, and when it is done, your AC will be good as new.

  • Defective Compressor

The compressor is like the CPU of the AC. If it stops working, the AC does not cool at all. The cooling cycle which involves the cooling coil and the evaporator stop working. Hence, if your AC does not provide cool air, there might be a fault with the compressor. An air conditioner service centre helps solve this by replacing the faulty compressor with a new one.

Air Conditioner Service is a necessary tool to aid us in having a comfortable and luxurious life even during horrid summers. Do not wait for your AC to breakdown or malfunction to service it. Prevention is better than cure. So, a monthly AC service is best for your AC as well as to you.

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