Essential advices for Westerners traveling to West Bengal


The beginning of spring is the perfect opportunity to take a break from work, from our stressful metropolitan life, from our social commitments to which we devote ourselves more and more reluctantly, without that genuine enthusiasm of the golden age. For those who have the opportunity to take a break from work for several weeks, the ideal solution to break the routine is represented by a trip to a distant location, in a country with a different time zone from yours, in order to increase even more the impression of being in a dimension totally foreign to their condition of normality. With the gradual easing of restrictions due to the health emergency, the movement of people abroad should become much easier, although probably will remain some obligations related to the possession of vaccination certificates or swabs carried out in the hours before arrival at the destination.

Don’t let the health restrictions scare you: a trip to a remote location is almost always an exciting experience, so it will definitely be worth it. If you don’t know exactly what your destination might be this spring of 2022, sit down quietly in front of a map of the globe and quietly locate a place thousands of miles away from your home, on another continent, as far from your comfort zone as possible. It is the first step to a memorable and all-encompassing experience that you will surely not regret.

The indescribable charm of India

A nation that has recently reopened its doors to international tourism is India: an exotic destination par excellence, especially for a number of people belonging to the European good society, the Indian subcontinent is able to overwhelm every visitor with a wave of vitality and enthusiasm seemingly without limits of their tradition and culture. Before setting out, however, Western tourists should be aware of the advice and suggestions of those who have already been there, which could prove extremely useful even for a short stay. Without these tips, there is a real risk that the uninformed tourist will be pervaded by unpleasant bewilderment, by a sort of dark oppression that could push him to take the first flight home without having seen anything of the country he intended to visit.

The first tip concerns your arrival airport: do not take for granted the presence of Wi-Fi, because when you land you might be disappointed. Kolkata International Airport, for example, is totally devoid of this feature, and in the international arrivals area, there is not even a store or snack bar that can provide you with a decent connection. You should also be wary of people approaching you offering unsolicited help: anyone offering to carry your luggage to the airport exit – even airport staff – will ask you for a tip, even rather insistently, so we suggest you leave the airport as quickly as possible.

The Roads of West Bengal

The impact of Westerners with the roads of West Bengal could be quite traumatizing: especially if your cab will take you to peripheral areas, far from the main arteries, where basically the highway code is not only not respected, but is apparently completely non-existent. Even in the dual carriageway lanes, oncoming drivers are used to voluntarily encroaching on the other lane, so it is not uncommon for drivers to see two (or more) vehicles coming towards each other, proceeding in parallel, and noisily honking their horns to avoid other road users (carts, bicycles, motorcycles and cars of various kinds, all with horns). Before going to India you will undoubtedly have to activate a health insurance, and we strongly suggest to bring with you a certain amount of cash, to be used especially during the first hours of your arrival. If you can, you should also activate an Indian SIM card, which could be a very useful ally in various circumstances.

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In the sea of faces, eyes, and mouths of India, every traveler always runs the risk of losing himself, losing himself in an endless uniformity. But if you are able to keep a firm grip on yourself, sharpening your powers of observation, you will find that in every face you meet there is a sensational story waiting to be told.


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