How to download Instagram videos online ?


How to download Instagram videos online ?

Instagram makes all the youngsters go crazy. It is highly engaging with millions of active followers catching the limelight along with Facebook and Twitter.  You can never get bored with the Instagram stuff, and it’s becoming more exciting with every update. Well, all of us do love amazing videos whether we’ve created it or something that’s shared by our friends.

No more you have to hassle over downloading your favourite videos from Instagram. Of course, you can’t download any video straight from Instagram  has some privacy policies that do allow you to download any images or videos you need some third party sites or an application to help you with that.

Are you still wondering whether downloading is possible or not? Well, we are breaking the ice, Instasave Online is just amazing. It is an alternative solution to download your desired videos. Well, I’ll let you know how to download your videos step by step with Instasave Online web application.

Why is Instasave Online the best option ever?

  • When you wish to download some image from Instagram you’ll find your PC not providing you save as option or your smartphone doesn’t just allow you to save. Online Instagram shows a terrible option like” Save Image As” where you receive the image in the form of an HTML file instead of an image. It’s annoying! Luckily Instasave Online is there to help us to download all our favourite videos and images.
  • It is a free web application, and you can download as many numbers of videos and photos you wish to download.
  • .  The best part is that you are allowed to download videos and photos from other accounts also.  If you suddenly encounter a cute puppy video or a fitness freak exercise video or a great makeup tutorial or even an inspirational quote. Don’t think twice, get those videos downloaded with Instasave online. Let’s enjoy our life a little more with what we love.

Let’s get into the topic

How to download Instagram videos and photos online?

For PC

  • Visit
  • Pick out the video you need to download
  • Sign in to download your photos or videos
  • Copy the URL of the video or photo
  • Visit instasave online
  • Paste the video link in the input site
  • Click download
  • Hit on “save link as” and specify a name and proceed with the downloading process.
  • The converter automatically converts into HD quality, and you can choose your image or video quality and download your favourite videos.
  • Your videos or photographs will bedownloaded in a few seconds

For Smart phones

  • Go to instagram App
  • Select the video or photograph you wish to download
  • Click on the three dots you find on the right side
  • Go to the “share link” option and copy the URL to your clipboard
  • Visit
  • Paste the URL of the image or video you would like to download
  • All you have to do now, it to long press Download button
  • Now select the option “Download Link.”
  • Your image or videos will be downloaded in a few seconds.

The tool mentioned above is the coolest way to download all the video you love. One thing you need to remember is that Instagram videos do have copyrights. You can enjoy downloading and watching them. However, when you are sharing or distributing it to the audience, do care to give credits.

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