Download Apex Legends APK for Android


Download Apex Legends APK for Android

Apex legend is a famous battle Royale game launched by EA games. It seems to be the next flagship of EA games. Within a few days, it hit millions of user in a very short period of time. Apex legend game is available on 3 platforms for far i.e. Microsoft Windows, PlayStation and 4 Xbox. It had crossed more than 1 million hits within a short span of time which was the reason for Mind-boggling features and high-end graphics in the game.

Usually, EA games do not launch free games but this they have launched Apex legend game free all over the world. This also excites EA fans across the globe. The abilities and aesthetics of the character in the game are also mind-boggling and can be easily attractable. EA game did a really wonderful job in this game like before and spent a good amount of money in it. Since its release Apex legend apk has estimated earn more than $3 billion at the end of 2018.

Feature of Apex Legends Apk

As I previously mentioned Apex legends game has interesting features that will help you play the game more smoothly and conveniently. Find out some of those features below in this section.

Free To Play – EA games finally released a high-level battle fighting game for free for all devices up till now. User doesn’t need to pay any amount to play the Apex Legend game. Whenever EA releases their game they usually come with a charge but this time the user is free to play this game with no money.

Voice Chat Communication – Voice chat communication feature is a very useful feature in battle fight games and squad playing games. You can use real-time voice chat communication while playing the game to give instruction, command and help your squad in the game.

Apex Packs – Apex packs can be easily earned as the user reached new levels and completes his task in the game. A player can use Apex Packs to buy cosmetics and other items in the game. A user can save money by using apex pack.

No Lag – There is no lag in the game has been found up till now. User’s feedback is so good as per the lagging issue is concerned. It also spends less internet during gameplay as compared to the other games in this section. This may be the reason behind no lag in the game.

High Ratings – Publication like Guardian, Gameinformer, Gameradar+ and Gamespot has given a tremendous high rating to the Apex Legends game.  These site and publication are known for the best game rating portal in the world. All the portals are giving a very positive rating on this game.

How To Download

And Apex Legends Apk For Android

I am just sharing with you the steps to download the Apex Legend Apk for android.

1- First of all you need to download the apk file from the given link.

2- Now search for the downloaded apk file on your device.

3- Click on the apk file and it will show you the install button.

4- Before that go to your device setting and allow the unknown sources.

5- Now go back and hit the install button

6- Installation will take a few seconds (Depends on your device speed or processor).

7- Once it gets successfully installed an icon will appear on your device menu.

8- That is all you need to do to install the apk file on your android smartphone.


Having the utility, features, accessibility, increment of millions of user daily and given ratings from world’s top game rating portals, I can surely say that Apex Legends Apk is a recommended game for battle game lovers. A very big question was its price but as we know that this game is available absolutely free for all user, this question is worthless to ask.

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