Don’t miss out these things in and around Bangalore


The Capital of Karnataka, Bangalore is also known as the ‘Silicon Valley of India’ because of being the birthplace of start-ups in the country. It is the IT Hub of the country and headquarters hub as well because the Headquarters of some of the biggest companies in India, such as WIPRO, ISRO, Infosys, and many more, are situated in Bangalore. 

Bangalore also has the second largest migrant population in India, which means that many people have shifted to Bangalore, and many people are also shifting because of job opportunities and the vast startup culture. So if you are also shifting, then you can ease out the process by hiring Relocation companies in Bangalore and you can use that time to explore the gorgeous city of Bangalore.

Bangalore has a lot to offer Tourists; its vibrant and soothing atmosphere and variety of tourist spots make it one of India’s most visited tourist destinations. Let’s know the top exciting things to do in and around Bangalore.

  • Explore the Majestic Bangalore Palace

A visit to Bangalore is incomplete without exploring the magnificent Bangalore Palace. Built-in Tudor-style architecture, this grand palace is reminiscent of medieval richness. Roam through its lavish interiors, admire the vintage furniture, and walk in the beautiful gardens.

The palace often hosts cultural events, exhibitions, and concerts, providing a delightful experience for art and history enthusiasts.

  • Unwind Amidst Nature at Lalbagh Botanical Garden

Escape the city’s hustle and bustle by visiting the lush green oasis of Lalbagh Botanical Garden. . The Lalbagh Botanical Garden has the largest collection of tropical plants in India. Don’t miss the iconic glasshouse, which resembles the Crystal Palace in London, and visit during the annual flower shows to witness a riot of colors.

  • Go on a Thrilling Adventure at Nandi Hills

Located just a short drive from Bangalore, Nandi Hills offers a refreshing getaway for adventure enthusiasts. The gorgeous view from Nandi Hills is hypnotizing and one of the main reasons tourists love it. The various adventure sports activities provide an exhilarating experience to remember for years. 

  • Visit the Serene Wonder of the ISKCON Temple

The International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) Temple in Bangalore is a magnificent spiritual retreat. Decorated with beautiful sculptures and intricate carvings, this architectural marvel is dedicated to Lord Krishna.

Experience a sense of calmness as you participate in the temple’s daily rituals, listen to soul-stirring bhajans, and relish the delicious vegetarian prasadam. The temple also hosts various cultural and spiritual programs.

  • Shop and Savor Local Delights at Commercial Street

For a dose of retail therapy and mouth-watering delights, head to Commercial Street in Bangalore. Don’t forget to try the famous South Indian filter coffee and delectable snacks like masala dosa and pani puri. 

  • Discover History at Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace

Step back in time and visit the magnificent Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace, located in the heart of Bangalore. This Indo-Islamic architectural marvel showcases the luxury of the 18th century. Explore the intricately designed wooden interiors with beautiful floral motifs and ancient artifacts.

Learn about the life and legacy of Tipu Sultan, the legendary ruler of Mysore, as you wander through the halls and corridors of this historical gem.

  • Indulge in Authentic South Indian Cuisine

Bangalore is a food lover’s paradise, especially for those craving authentic South Indian delicacies. Start your day with a traditional South Indian breakfast at iconic eateries like MTR or CTR, where you can savor fluffy idlis, crispy vadas, and piping hot filter coffee.

For lunch, relish the aromatic flavors of Bisi Bele Bath or Mangalorean fish curry. End your culinary journey with mouth-watering desserts like Mysore Pak or Holige.

  • Wander Through the Vibrant Neighborhood of Indiranagar

Indiranagar, one of Bangalore’s hip and trendy neighborhoods, is a haven for art, culture, and entertainment. Explore the vibrant streets adorned with street art, boutique stores, and eclectic cafes.

Indulge in some retail therapy at the famous 100 Feet Road, known for its fashion boutiques and quirky shops. In the evening, unwind at one of the many lively pubs or rooftop bars, enjoying live music and a wide selection of beverages.

  • Seek Spiritual Bliss at the Bull Temple:

Dedicated to Nandi, Lord Shiva’s sacred bull, the Bull Temple (Dodda Basavana Gudi) is a significant religious landmark in Bangalore. Admire the massive statue of Nandi, carved out of a single granite rock, which stands at an impressive height of 15 feet.

The temple welcomes lot of devotees and tourists from across the country who visits the temple to seek blessings and witness religious rituals. The best time to visit is during the annual groundnut fair, known as Kadalekai Parishe, where you can indulge in a variety of groundnut-based delicacies.


Bangalore is a place that should be on every traveler’s checklist. From adventure sports to temples, from breathtaking monuments to delicious cuisine, the City of Bangalore has got something for everyone to fall in love with it. Make sure you do the above things when you visit Bangalore next time.


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