10 Most Important Dog Care Tips You Must Know


10 Dog Care Tips

Dogs are men’s Best friends- It is not just a saying, but an honest truth. For most of the dog lovers, a family including a dog is considered as a happy family. Dogs can feel our emotions and gestures, without even uttering a single word. From being there at our happiest time, making us laugh and providing comfort during our stressful days, they are considered as the best companion of humans. So, follow these tips, if you want to make your dog live long.

  1. Hygiene

Hygiene is the most important part to live a healthy life. As we start our day with oral hygiene, it is similarly important for our pets. Oral disorders are the common health problems found in any pet. If not maintained can lead to other health problems. So, make it a habit to brush your dog’s teeth regularly. Along with this, you should also visit a veterinarian for regular oral checkups. Regular bathing and proper grooming is utmost important fro maintaining hygiene and healthy life style for your pet.

  1. Healthy Diet

As we all know that, healthy diet or food provide us energy to grow and develop. To make your dog look healthy and fit, you have to provide it a high quality diet. Poor diet can lead to various health problems, like, skin and hair problems and can make your dog look lazy. A good diet can help in strengthen your dog’s immune system and overall health. It is found that, pets fed with a healthy diet have shinier hair, bright eyes and healthy skin.

  1. Vaccination

Whenever a child is born,the first and most important thing that physician advise us is to never miss any vaccination. It goes same for our pets. As soon as you bring a dog or any other pet to our home,  schedule a vaccination appointment. proper and complete vaccination can prevent your dog as well as you and society from diseases like rabies and distemper.

4.Regular Veterinarian Visit

Like humans visits regularly to the hospital. Dogs must be taken to veterinary hospitals at a regular intervals of time. As it is said that, prevention is better for cure, it goes same for your pets. So, to uncover any upcoming disease, its better to visit to a veterinarian regularly. Early diagnosis of any disorder have better chances of cure and is also cost effective.

  1. Regular Physical Activities

Fat dogs looks cute but are not at all healthy. Make sure, that your dog is lean and fir. Overweight pets are at the risk of major health problems, which can decrease the life span of your dog for minimum two years. So, to enhance the life span of your dog, you must regularly take your dog for a walk or running. You can also play with it at your own home and can teach him various physical exercises like rolling, Jumping etc. This will not only help your dog but will also improve your health.

Very Important 10 Dog Care Tips You Must Know
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  1. Training and socializing

Like we provide socializing training to our children, similarly, pets dogs need to be Trained too. It includes dog toilet training, socializing with parent and other animals. Out of these, toilet training is the number one priority for any pet at your home, which helps in improving the hygiene of your pet as well as your home and surroundings. You can also hire a pet trainer, who will help in training it to behave better with you and other pets around. as its is said that, A well trained pet is a happy pet that translates to a happy parent.

  1. Proper Identification

Its is found that, a pet parent lose his/her pet once or more in their lifetime. So, to prevent yourself from this shocking loss, proper identification of your pet is must. It includes a safe collar chain and a tag that includes all your information. A electronic chip is also available in the market, which can help us to track the location of our pet.

  1. Comfy Dog House

A comfortable bed after a long day is the necessity of every human being. Likewise, dogs need to rest too. A dog house must be well ventilated and safe. Make sure that your dog’s room do not have any dangerous item, like electric wires or devices, sharped object, which can harm your dog. The bedding of the dog must be changed at regular interval of time to maintain the hygiene and to prevent from pests.

  1. Spaying or Neutering

Sterilizing a female dog or removal of reproductive organs is called spaying and the same procedure which is done on male dogs is called neutering. Sterilizing helps in the prevention of complicated pregnancies and other disorders like ovarian cancer in female and testicular cancer in males. Also, sterilization helps in decreasing the aggression of your pet and useless roaming in the neighborhood.

  1. Respect And Love

Dogs give you respect and love, more than any other human can give. They never demand for anything in return, so, it’s your duty to provide them with much of respect and love. As a pet parent, you should spend some time with your pet. Never hit or abuse it. Also, never yell at your pet, they do not even understand the reason for what they are yelled for.They expect a lot of love and care. It is said that, the more we hangout with our pet, the more fulfilling our life together be.

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