Document Tracking Systems: Control Your Documental Organization In A Systematic Shell


Document tracking software or Document Management System (DMS) aids in storing, managing, and controlling every essential organizational document in a single place. For that, you have to download the software on your desktop. The installation is the same procedure as the Bettilt app download on your phone or other gadgets. Thus, this tracking system helps with some standard functionalities they are-

  • Search: To find documents from your storage or specific information very quickly. 
  • Optical Character Recognition: Identify text from the document and organize them in a digital format.
  • Control the Documents: Revise and edit every document you feed in the tracking system and execute their different versions over time.
  • Retrieve Document: You can keep a backup of every information and then retrieve them whenever you ask them to do so. 
  • Metadata: Summarizing basic information and managing and accessing the documents more efficiently.

The Benefits of Implementing the Document Management System in Companies

It is quite a daunting activity to tackle and convert huge dumps of paper documents into digital ones. However, the business chooses to invest in an electronic document management system to help streamline workflows and scale business. It abolishes the critical processes of turning hard copies of files into soft copies and saving them in document folders. Furthermore, it helps in business productivity and sales. So let us see some of the benefits of implementing an electronic document management system- 

  • Enrich Strong Security System: A tight security system is essential to secure every data in your storage. DMS has better control over critical data to protect them from third-party intruders or get them hacked by malware. Also, a DMS provides an audit trail by viewing a document, when it was accessed, and modified later.
  • Decrease Storage Space: Storing files in the workplace has taken away many rooms to store mountains of files. But this document tracking system has made it easy to allocate the bulk of files in their storage and access them with codes and alphabets becomes easy and convenient. 
  • Improve WorkFlows: According to the statistics, about 90% of U.S. staff members have said that they often find it challenging to find different files from the documents. This tracking system helps them see quickly by coding them in alphabetical or serial order. This simplification helps them to give significant time to other work as well. 

Different Types of Document Management Systems

There are plenty of document tracking system tools to help you to upgrade the working system in a company. It reduces investing maximum time in one work by reporting news from technologies and management systems. Thus, here lies some of the management tools that can help you in managing the workflow-

  • Content Management

This document management system is a web content management system that focuses on creating and delivering content to users. In addition, content management systems work for indexing and publishing functionality. For example, suppose you are working at a publishing house, and the company needs a content management system to help the staff members and writers locate which files are pending and which article is not working. The motive of implementing such a document tracking system is to make sure that your team is working seamlessly and without any hazards. 

  • Workflow Management

It is another document management incorporated with the Automation focused document management tools. These systems automatically make a repetition of the content-based tasks for workers. It is the toll used for property management of every task and distributes the time equally, freeing them up to focus on more high-level activities.

  • Record Management

Record management controls the creation and looks after the maintenance and destruction of records. This type of tool is associated with risk, compliance, and governance. Notably, the healthcare industry takes advantage of these types of systems. For example, a construction company may use a record management system that helps in keeping every essential permit on hand when the inspector comes by the site for an audit.

  • Document Imaging

When some companies still believe they should not change the traditional file caring process, this document imaging has given them the idea to opt for the document tracking system to ease their task. This document imaging helps in scanning images, collecting them, organizing them, and managing digital photos, and can convert them into paper documents. For example, assume you are holding a construction company where you have to scan every image; in such cases, this imaging system helps to scan every permit and change them into paper images. 


Thus, the document tracking system has made many paper-based works obsolete. Nowadays, these companies are approaching different types of document management systems for their companies. It helps in various ways to make a working team and provide their work seamlessly under one roof.


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