The Digitalisation of Traditional Games


The Digitalisation of Traditional Games

For hundreds of years, traditional activities like playing cards and board games have entertained generations of people across the world. Over the years, many of these games changed little with just a few tweaks to the way they were played and slightly different versions being developed. However, the advancement in technology has now revolutionized many of the games we know and love.

Many traditional games have now gone online which makes it easier for us to play them without making the effort to gather with other people. Of course, this affects the social aspect of these games. In order to address this, developers include chat and group play facilities in many game-related apps and on websites. Having a closer look at three types of games that have been revolutionized by technology helps us to see the advantages of playing in the digital world.

Can playing cards online still be a social activity?

In India, card games like Andar Bahar have a long history, with people gathering together to play in private homes and social areas. For people who enjoy placing a bet on a game of cards, this could be problematic as gambling is illegal in most Indian states. The digitalisation of traditional card games has helped to overcome this problem as players can now choose to play games like Andar Bahar and Teen Patti online for money at offshore websites, and one of the main benefits is that you can still socialize, by playing in real-time with other players from all over India, or even from other countries. Thanks to high-quality video streams, you can even watch dealers in real-time, so the socialization aspect is definitely available.

Other card games, like poker, have especially benefited from players’ ability to join games in the virtual world. It’s estimated that around 100 million people play poker online globally. A few of these players even manage to make a living from the game.

Playing Board Games With Other People Online

Board games have been a popular part of family life for many years. For example, Monopoly was first patented in 1904 and has been played around many tables since then. Now, these games have been adopted by developers to create popular apps. This gives us the opportunity to play games like Monopoly and puzzle games like Words With Friends with people in locations far from where we are. There are millions of users of popular puzzle games, so there is never a shortage of people to compete with.

Using these game-related apps means that we can play with complete strangers without having to leave home. Alternatively, we can use them as a fun joint activity during Zoom meetings with friends and family.

24/7 Bingo Online

There are countless sites online who offer rounds of Bingo starting every few minutes. This is definitely a very popular online activity, so you wouldn’t have to wait to start a game of Bingo, as these are played frequently, and at all times. Bingo has a long history of being a popular game, especially in countries like the United Kingdom and the United States. Traditionally, many people went to bingo halls to enjoy the fun of playing. This still happens but advancements in entertainment have reduced the popularity of bingo halls overall. As a result, for a while, the game of bingo struggled to maintain its popularity.

The digital world has helped to bring it back to life. Bingo lovers can join in with games 24/7 using online bingo sites and apps. They can even still enjoy the social aspect of the game by using the in-game chat facilities.

This digitalisation of traditional games has not stopped people from playing card, board, and bingo games in the traditional way. However, it has made it possible for more people to enjoy the fun of playing without leaving home and without having to gather people together physically to play.

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