Scope of Digital Marketing Jobs for Fresher in Mumbai


Scope of Digital Marketing Jobs

for Fresher in Mumbai

You are fresh out of high school and looking for a career oriented course. Nowadays, thousands of students in Mumbai eye digital marketing courses believing it can lead to an excellent career. Indeed, digital marketing is a booming industry by any yardstick. But before you take a headlong leap and rush into a course, it is essential to know what digital marketing entails and its career scope.

Let us glance at statistics

Facts & Figures

India’s ecommerce industry is projected to cross the US$150 billion mark by 2022 and generate over a million new jobs annually. Ecommerce companies support about 20 million small and medium enterprises. Logistics and warehousing industries operating with digital platforms will get a spur from the quantum leap of the ecommerce sector.

Understandably, jobs in ecommerce will be spread across India. However, a large share of these employment opportunities will make landfall in Mumbai since this city is India’s financial hub. Therefore, companies operating in and around Mumbai will require thousands of digital marketing professionals within the next three to four years.

Therefore, the best time for any fresher to embark on a digital marketing career is now.

Scope of Digital Marketing Jobs in Mumbai

As I mentioned earlier, Mumbai is the economic center of India and hence, home to large corporations. While ecommerce will create thousands of digital marketing jobs in the city, there will be employment opportunities with other sectors too.

  • Banking, Financial Services & Insurance

Mumbai is headquarters of almost every major player in India’s BFSI sector. Over the years and especially post demonetization on November 8, 2016, the bulk of financial transactions are now digital. As this trend grows, the BFSI sector will require more digital marketing experts.

  • Transport & Warehousing

Mumbai has India’s largest seaport at Nhava Sheva. The city’s second international airport near Navi Mumbai is expected to be functional, at least partly, by 2020. This translates as more sea and air freight arriving in and around Mumbai within the next couple of years. Hence, transport, logistics and warehousing industries will generate hundreds if not thousands of digital marketing jobs in Mumbai.

  • Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

The city’s healthcare sector will also generate thousands of digital marketing jobs in Mumbai. Due to two main reasons. Mumbai is a hub of advanced healthcare in India. Additionally, the Indian government is promoting medical tourism to this country. Healthcare and medical facilities in Mumbai compare very well with those worldwide. Pharmaceutical companies in Mumbai are already migrating to digital platforms to market their products. Hence, we will see several digital marketing jobs emerge in Mumbai’s healthcare and pharmaceuticals sector too.

  • Motley Players

Small and medium industries in India outsource digital marketing solutions from providers in Mumbai. This city is, therefore, home to several digital marketing enterprises that offer a wide range of services. With ecommerce set to flourish exponentially, digital marketing firms are expected to see the corresponding rise in demand for their services. Hence, they would require more digital marketing experts within the next two to three years. And as digital marketing gets popular, we will see quite a few training institutes’ mushrooms around the city who will require skilled faculty members.

What This Means?

Above indicators clearly, reveal the scope of digital marketing jobs in Mumbai. Hence, now would be the appropriate time for any aspirant to take an excellent digital marketing course and get necessary certifications. Therefore, if you are serious about careers in this field, it is imperative to choose the best digital marketing course and training in Mumbai. An excellent digital marketing course prepares you as fresher to find jobs in the above industries and more.

Word of Caution

Before you plunge headlong into a digital marketing course, here is a word of caution. Digital marketing is not a glamorous cakewalk. Instead, it is a career that any fresher has to pursue with extreme diligence.

Why? Because of digital marketing technologies advance by the day, if not hour. Knowledge gained yesterday goes obsolete within a short period.

Any fresher considering digital marketing career, therefore, needs to be prepared to acquire new skills continually. And put them into practice.

Therefore, I once again strongly emphasize you need to choose the best course and training from an excellent digital marketing training institute to enter this industry.


Digital marketing is not about selling stuff, as you may wrongly believe. Instead, digital marketing is a series of processes that help your or an employer’s business to stay on top. Digital marketing enables customer outreach through the Internet. As a student, opt for an excellent digital marketing course. Get adequate on-hands training from professionals in this field. Keep abreast with emerging and latest digital marketing technologies. There is ample scope for digital marketing jobs in Mumbai for fresher and seasoned professionals.  There is a huge demand now that will increase exponentially over the next two years.

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