Difference Between Windows & iOS


Difference Between Windows & iOS :

Well many may argue that there are many differences between the two Operating Systems, and that is true there are a ton of differences (minor difference) between them. Many differences like price point, hardware, interface, and much more. And I agree with all of them, but when you take a closer look, all of these difference gets reduced to just one and that difference is the performance (or the experience that you get while operating on these Operating Systems). On iOS what you get is seamless or a lag-free experience while on Windows that might not always be the case, even when running the same applications on both of the Operating Systems. This is because Apple Inc. manufactures (configures) all of its hardware on iOS devices so that you may get the best experience possible. Whereas, in case of Windows there are many companies that provide different hardware (and architecture) for the same environment, that is Windows Operating System. And because of this the performance of Windows based device vary so much.

Another difference that many people point out when comparing these two Operating Systems is that iOS devices are relatively much more expensive, which is not true at all. As Windows devices are manufactured by so many different companies with such a variety in in hardware, therefore, their price also varies, starting from almost Rs. 8,000 and going even higher than the iOS devices. Whereas, when we talk about iOS devices, they are always in the same range (around Rs. 60,000). So, now can clearly that they are not that expensive and Windows based devices are even more costly than the iOS ones.

However, variety might be a difference as we all know that Windows devices comes in all shapes & sizes. But that is not that much of a difference. The only difference or a generalized difference is the performance, where iOS is clearly the winner, even if you get the same hardware configuration the iOS will out-perform Windows and you will feel that difference too. The hardware of iOS device is specific and acts as a perfect marriage between the two which then provides you, the user, a seamless 7 lag-free experience. And this experience can never be achieved while working on a Windows device. Even the most powerful or expensive Windows devices lag sometime or the other. It is just inevitable.

But in the end of Difference Between Windows & iOS .. it is your preference that matters, like if you are a gamer than iOS is probably useless for you even with its pure power & performance and then all you need is a powerful Windows rig (custom made or even stock).


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