Debounce review 2019 : Best advanced bulk email verification software


Debounce review 2019 

Best advanced bulk email verification software

The emergence of social media has seen many businesses switch to those platforms for growth. However, many businesses fail to realize that E-Mail still outdoes social media by a large margin. Adding to that, almost every social media account requires its users to enter their E-Mail address for validation which clearly tells us about its superiority in terms of significance and numbers. But when it comes to using a mailing list for subscriber communication, validation can be a tough ask for many businesses especially if your list is bulky in the first place. With DeBounce, however, it becomes a very simple process. 

DeBounce is an E-Mail validatior cum bounce checker tool which can be applied to your business’s website or application in order to manage your subscriber E-Mails. It can be used for all kinds of mails such as newsletters, promotional messages, greetings, etc. It is quite useful as it is an advanced bulk E-Mail verification software which means that it is able to scan and filter a ton of mail accounts at a rapid rate. Therefore, it is ideal for large businesses albeit they also have cheap plans for startups. 

What DeBounce Provides ?

A good quality E-Mail validation tool is that which scans for all possible redundancies in order to generate a clean list. DeBounce is known to provide exactly that. Here are a few things which DeBounce scans for during the validation process: 

  1. Bouncing: Bouncing of mails is basically when you send a mail and it does not reach the receiver, instead bounces back to you. This is quite redundant as your primary motive isn’t fulfilled while data loss must also be faced. DeBounce makes sure that all your mails are rightfully sent. 
  2. E-Mail Deduplication: Duplicate E-Mails are something you will find on any mailing list. They are unnecessary and annoying at the same time. DeBounce scans all your mail addresses and removes any that aren’t unique. 
  3. Catch-All Domains: Catch-All domains are mail addresses registered to a domain name which receives your mail even if the entered address does not exist. There is no place for such mail accounts on your list. With DeBounce, you can completely remove them from your list. 
  4. Risk Validation: Risk validation is a procedure in DeBounce which is done by scanning High Risk Keywords and TLDs that an email address holds and removing them in order to reduce spam. 
  5. Syntax Elimination: At times, your mailing list may have addresses which contain offensive/inappropriate words in them. They are most likely fake profiles and/or spam. DeBounce goes through your mailing list and removes any inappropriate mail accounts. 

Who can use DeBounce ?

DeBounce is ideal for all kinds of businesses going from fresh startups or fully established firms. It has all the tools any business needs to obtain a successful E-Mail management system. Adding to that, its plans are carefully priced making it accessible customers on a variety of budgets. Their plans start at $10 for 5000 verifications ($ 0.002 per Verification) all the way up to $1500 for 5M verifications ($ 0.0003 per Verification). They have customizable plans which users can avail as well.

How to use DeBounce ?

It is very easy to use De Bounce as its user interface is quite straightforward with helpful tips available at all locations. However, here is a summary of steps you need to follow to use the service: 

  • Step 1: Buy a validation plan from DeBounce. 
  • Step 2: Once you have one, go to your DeBounce dashboard and upload your mailing list in a .txt or  .CSV format. The app will start scanning your list for all redundancies.
  • Step  3: Once the app  completes its scan, it will generate your cleaned list. Simply download it and you are good to go. 

Note: Link your DeBounce account with your website/application via WordPress plugin,  JavaScript widget or API. 

Why to choose De Bounce as my E-Mail Validation Tool?

There are multiple reasons to go for De Bounce to validate your mailing list. First of all, it is a complete validation tool which means its checks all areas during its scan and this applies to all of its plans. Therefore, the output you get out of the service is always clean as a whistle. 

As we previously mentioned, DeBounce’s plans are quite affordable with plans ranging from just $10 all the way up to $1500. It is also very easy to integrate DeBounce into your website or application through simple pasting of codes or downloading plugins. Furthermore, the service guides you towards the procedure on its official site. Once you have linked DeBounce to your website or application, all you are asked to do is to upload your mailing list which is scanned within minutes and the output is just amazing. It also provides detailed insights on each of its scans for users to analyze. 

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