How To Create Successful Dropshipping Business ?


How to create successful dropshipping business

One of the popular business models nowadays is dropshipping. New entrepreneurs along with expert marketers are entering into this sector as this business can be launched with small budget and easy to handle. But the success rate in new dropshippers are very less as they come into this business without proper planning. If you are a new entrepreneur or looking to establish your own dropshipping store then you have come to the right place. By the end of the article you will know how you can start dropshipping business successfully.

What is Dropshipping Business?

A dropshipping business is a sales model where you will be a seller and accept orders from customers via a channel (can be your ecommerce site, FB page or other sales channel). Once you get the order you will transfer it to the supplier and he will ship the product to the customer address. Basically you are working as a middleman between buyer and seller. Now let’s look at some benefits of dropshipping.

  • Low risk : You don’t have to spend money to store products. You will buy product only from supplier once you get order.
  • Easy to start : You will get quality products at cheap price from china and buyers from America, Europe and other developed countries who are willing to pay high price for those products to you. The challenging part is to get leads (buyers) but this article will make it easy for you.
  • Little invest needed : You can even start with Facebook Page. But normally it is done by making ecommerce site. With little amount of money you can start this business.

Formula to create successful dropshipping business

So you have liked this business model and made up your mind that you are going to start this business. This section of article will help you to create successful dropshipping business.

Select proper niche : First of all you need to do product research, know the customer demand and market competition etc. You are competing with from giants like Amazon, Walmart to local stores. If the product that you are selling is found on Amazon, Walmart and on local stores then why will people buy from you because they need to wait for a long time to get their product through shipment.  Don’t be confused or afraid. Just select a niche that has good demand.  Suppose you have selected dog niche. Now you will sell dog related products and your product must have these following features.

  1. Product is unique
  2. Product has demand
  3. Product is not breakable and light weight.

Secure supplier : I assume that you have already selected your niche by doing product research and competition research. Now it’s time to make relation with suppliers. As I already told you can get quality products from china. Most people are dependent only to Aliexpress largest ecommerce platform in China. But I recommend you to direct contact with manufacturer as in Aliexpress there are many resellers. Supplier must give good product and should be trusted. Take enough time before choosing supplier as wrong supplier can ruin your business.

Make website : Now you need a website actually ecommerce site and I recommend you to go with wordpress. You can get domain and hosting for 1 year less than 50$. Buy a premium ecommerce theme and install it. Add payment method to your site. Add products that you would like to sell. You can also use shopify for ecommerce platform but that will be expensive. Design your site like a professional you can hire freelancer if you can’t do it by your own.

Good looking product page : Product page is the place where visitor will take decision whether he will buy or not. Your product must contain positive product reviews that will increase the belief of buyer that product is good. Product images must be in high quality and it’s better to have videos of that. Product description should be SEO optimized.

Social presence : Social presence is mandatory to grow your business. Normally your business needs FB, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram and other social accounts. Grow those accounts properly but don’t spam. When people will see your brand has number of followers they will trust your brand.

Product promotion : Marketing your store or brand is a must. Main purpose of marketing is to get close to customers as much as possible. Marketing can be free or paid. Free marketing takes a lot of time and paid marketing can bring result quicker. You can promote your brand through FB ads, Google ads, influencer marketing. Once your business has a good position it’s time to go beyond. You can feature your product on TV. TV ads will increase your brand value higher and make your brand differentiate from your competitors. Company like TALK BUSINESS 360 TV helps companies to be featured on Fox Business Network TV.

In your dropshipping journey you may face different challenges and you need courage to face these. I have seen many dropshippers who fails at their first store but they learned lesson from their mistake and get success after number of attempts.

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