Contraction Timer – Things You Need to Know


Contraction Timer : Things You Need to Know

When you are pregnant, you will start getting contraction as soon as you reach the third trimester and your delivery date comes nearer. Now, there are certain conditions when you get false contraction also. If you use contraction timer pregnancy, you can calculate your contraction and be prepared for the labor. You can follow the traditional method of using a stopwatch to count your contractions and its regularity; also you can download the contraction apps which will make it easy to maintain the count. The main benefit of using contraction timer is that you can track the exact time of delivery through it and you won’t need to get admitted to the hospital much before. So, here you will get to know about using contraction timer and certain other facts. Read on to know more.

When to Start Your Contraction Timer ?

You should start a pregnancy contraction timer when you get the first contraction. Measure the gap between the first and the second contraction. Besides, you should also measure how long a contraction sustains. At the pre-labor condition, the contractions may last 20 to 30 seconds and there is always many gaps, nearly one hour, between two contractions. But, when the gap between two contractions start reducing and you are getting those within four minutes, you should be ready for the labor.

How Long Does a Contraction Last ?

At the pre-labor condition, a contraction can last up to 20 to 30 minutes. But, as you proceed to your delivery date, a contraction may last for a minute and so. At this time, it is not only important how many contractions you get, but you should also keep count that how long the contractions sustain. Besides that, you should also concentrate on the intensity of the contraction to check out whether it is increasing every time you are having contraction.

When to Go to the Hospital ?

It is advised that if you are having regular contractions at one hour or five minutes’ gap, you can prepare for going to the hospital. But, each pregnancy has its own characteristics. Therefore, you should talk to your healthcare giver and the doctor to know when it will be the best for you to head towards the hospital. The healthcare givers will act as per your intensity of contraction. As per the experts, often a first-time mom gets regular contraction that indicates the labor is near, while during the second baby, the woman may not get any intensity until the labor pain starts. Talk to your doctor and he/she will make sure that you won’t get late reaching hospital if you stay a bit away from the hospital.

Hopefully, these are enough information you get about contraction. Often pregnant ladies get false contraction which may seem like the real one but won’t last long and won’t come back again. If you get those, don’t be panicked. Also, keep someone closer when you are having contractions or talk to your healthcare giver to stay alert.

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