Ways to Boost Confidence and remove public speaking fear


Ways to Boost Confidence and

Remove public speaking fear

We all want to become good public speakers but many of us have the fear of public speaking. But with practice and perseverance we can surely overcome this fear and become fantastic public speakers.

By following and practicing the simple pointers given below we can become fantastic public speakers and also inspire others to become more confident and better speakers too.

Some ways to boost confidence and

remove the fear of public speaking



The first and one of the most important things you can do is to video record yourself speaking. This way you will be able to analyze your strengths and weaknesses and thus you can work on them too.

Video recording yourself speaking is a proven technique and gives instant results. Also with the cellphone revolution we all have video cameras on our phones and thus we don’t even need cameras, the cell phone is enough.

You should video record yourself speaking daily and analyze your improvement and work on your weaknesses. Also it is a great idea to go for an English Speaking Course in Gurgaon as the trainer will help you overcome the fear of public speaking and will give you tips and tricks which will help you become a better public speaker.


When someone criticizes you or judges you, you should take that criticism in a positive way. You need to take the feedback with a pinch of salt and you should find ways to overcome your fears and weaknesses.

In fact you should thank all your critics as they are the ones who help you in improving your public speaking skills and also help you become a great public speaker.

Also by going for an Best English Speaking Course in Gurgaon you will get the benefits of experienced and expert trainers and also you will benefit more as the class has 5 to 10 participants and you will get fresh perspectives and evolve as a public speaker.


When you join an English Speaking Course in Gurgaon then you will get the best exposure and the best trainers who come with years of experience and expertise in teaching English speaking. These trainers are fantastic public speakers and you can look towards them for inspiration. You can also emulate them and take hints from their speaking prowess.

Thus through practice and perseverance and by learning through example you can overcome your public speaking fears and become a fantastic public speaker.


The best part of classroom training is that all the participants can learn from each other and also understand that no one is perfect and we all have our strengths and weaknesses. Thus this mutual coalition will help you help each other boost your confidence and also support each other in becoming great public speakers and overcome the fear of public speaking.


It is also a very good idea to watch public speaking videos on YouTube as then you will get world class and best exposure and you can follow the example of the great public speakers.

Thus by emulating their style and body language you can develop your own individual style and thus create a fantastic persona and personality and impress one and all with your fantastic public speaking skills.

Thus by applying and practicing all the suggestions provided above you can become a great public speaker and can make an impact while speaking in public. This will also give you a confidence boost and you will become super confident and speak like a pro.

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