Common Emojis that Every Rummy Player Can Connect To!


Common Emojis that Every Rummy Player Can Connect To !

Rummy is a highly exciting card game and is often the most preferred source of entertainment, whether playing online or offline. While enjoying the game, rummy players sport different expressions depending on the situation, and for someone who has never experienced the thrill before, these may seem a bit hilarious. It is these expressions that usually give away players’ intentions while playing the traditional way. But when it comes to playing rummy the digital way, i.e., on an online rummy site, these expressions rarely hold any meaning, as the opponents cannot see each other. However, if you play rummy regularly, whether the traditional way or digitally, you will easily be connected to some of the common emojis we share in our day-to-day life. Check out whether all these emojis resonate with your feelings appropriately while playing the game?

  • Concentrated Face ? 

It is the most common expression any rummy player would exhibit while playing a game. Proper focus and complete attention is a must in rummy to plan and play each move wisely. You can be thinking about the next move, trying to understand your opponents’ gameplay, planning a new trick/strategy or determining the direction of the game. Whatever is the cause, this expression is sure to show up on your face multiple times during the game.

  • Cheerful ? 

A big smile on a rummy players’ face with uplifted spirits means that he/she has definitely won a game/tournament. It doesn’t matter whether the game was big or small, a cash game or practice game, a true rummy lover automatically cheers up on a win. Yet, securing a win is not the only reason that brings on this expression. If the player has successfully executed a new rummy strategy or has been able to fool an opponent while the game is still going on, a cheerful and content smile is very much evident on his/her face.

  • Grumpy ? 

Life doesn’t always move as we plan, and the same principle applies to rummy games too. A player sporting the grumpy expression means that either the strategy he used didn’t work too well for him, or the opponent made such a move that tossed all his plans right into the air. Nevertheless, a rummy pro would be able to recover from this shock almost instantly, and without letting his foul mood spoil the game, plan his next move even more cleverly.

  • Extremely Disappointed ? 

Losing a game/tournament, especially a high-stake one is the reason for a rummy player to adorn this expression. Although rummy is merely a medium for entertainment, yet even the smallest loss can dishearten a true rummy lover. But this expression lasts for only a short while before the player recuperates and proceeds to enjoy playing his favorite game with renewed spirits. If you too have been sporting this expression a bit more than your liking lately, then it’s time to start working on your skills. Don’t let past losses impact your future games, and you never know when you’ll be able to bag the grand rewards.

  • Highly Excited ?

This one is complete turnover from the above expression and is sported by players who’ve grabbed the top position in a grand tournament to secure a hefty cash reward. One might even find some players dancing with excitement when they win a mega rummy tournament such as the Mega Jackpot 1 Lakh GTD at Rummy Passion. Of course, it is a big reason for celebration, since their hard work, immense practice and passion has finally paid off.

  • Wicked Expressions ? 

The Devil’s look or a sly expression adorns a rummy players’ face when he/she has devised a smart strategy to beat the opponent in his own game. It can be either because the player has played some counter-strategy or a unique trick that is sure to make the opponent lose a game. But don’t let this expression stay on for too long, especially when playing offline rummy, lest your opponent discerns your move.

To Sum Up

Rummy players experience different emotions while playing the game, and if someone is there to notice, these are clearly expressed on their faces. If you are a true rummy lover, all these emojis might have resonated with your thoughts at some or the other point, unless you have mastered the poker face. Do you think there are some more emojis that a rummy player can connect to? Do share them with us and let us know what all you experience while playing the Indian Rummy game!

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