Do you want to smoke better? I know a smoke lover always desires it. Well, suppose you have got a brand new car and costly and cosy seats, do you ever want to smoke inside the car? I think you will definitely pause the idea as you can get out of the car and smoke outside to enjoy safe smoking. But if there is windy outside and raining what can you do? Will you choose to wet and damage your costly and new seats while going out of car in rainy weather? Nobody will want it whereas smoking inside the car can also burn out your good looking shirt by the little sparks.

So to make your smoking much better and relaxing car ashtray is the best and useful option. So whenever it is essential to smoke inside a car, go for an ashtray as it will make your smoking comfortable. But every product has some limitations or use techniques. You have to make sure your ashtray is clean and out of odour otherwise the bad smell will engulf your car environment with filthy smell.

So now the very necessary question is how to clean a car ashtray? Yes, you can clean your car tray easily following some super effective and short cut hacks.

  • First of all, you can remove the tray or use vacuum tactics. You can easily get it done from a service centre or you can yourself do it. Don’t go for home vacuum system as it will smell like cigarette smoke. You can get rid of cigarette smell by cleaning the ashtray with an effective solution. Take half cup of water and 10 drops of Peppermint extract together and wash the tray rigorously.
  • Don’t use the method which is used to clean a public ashtray using sand. You can easily clean and make your tray odour free using home remedies. To keep your car environment relaxing for your non-smoking guest you can pour a layer of baking soda instead of sand and get rid of the cigarette smell.
  • To make tray cleaning simpler permanently, you need to begin off by clearing out the plate as completely as possible. When you have the ashtray totally wiped out, cover the inner body of the tray with furniture cleaner spray. A wipe-on formula will also work but to choose spray is much easier than the wipe one. This spray will help and prevent cigarette ash from adhering to the plate of the ashtray. This implies that whenever you will want to clean the tray, all the ashes will slide out smoothly and your work will be so easy.
  • If you don’t have furniture cleaning spray don’t worry because there is a trick to overcome your failure to clean up the tray. When you want to clean the ashtray there always remains some stubborn ashes which irritate you as they don’t come out properly. So whenever cleaning an ashtray, manage a clean paintbrush or a large and hard toothbrush. These two weapons are appropriate to clean out all the ashes quickly and successfully. It also makes sure to clear the ashes which frequently adhere to the very edge of the ashtray.
  • Oven cleaner also works fast to clean an ashtray. Take some amount of oven cleaner in a sponge and wipe inside the ashtray until carbonization is wiped out.
  • You can also mix alcohol with caustic soda (oven cleaner) and weigh the mix inside the ashtray. This is a very simple hack to get it done very quickly.

So these were some simple and easy ideas which are proven by experts and they are really effective. So if you are dealing with the very annoying odour problem these hacks are for you. Following the hacks you will get a beautiful and fresh car ashtray.

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