Check Your Bluedart Courier Status in 4 Simple Steps


Check Your Bluedart Courier Status in 4 Simple Steps

Bluedart is a reputed courier services partner having operations pan India and is one of the leading names in the industry for providing logistics services. Bluedart is a part of DPDHL Group and has the support of the most inclusive and the largest logistics network throughout the world. Bluedart, through its support channels, has a network in over 220 countries and renders distribution services including freight forwarding, supply chain solutions, etc.

Bluedart courier services are used by various e-commerce platforms to deliver consignments across the country. Many people use this service to send couriers for their purposes. While sending a courier to any destination, the courier company provides a reference number or a waybill number which is used to track the consignments. Tracking consignment is an important part of logistics services and a reference number is the only information required to track the real-time status of any shipment/ consignment. However, if you’re looking for help on how you can track your Bluedart courier, you must read the steps shared in this article.

You can track a Bluedart courier only in case you have a consignment in your interest. Once a shipment is dispatched, it can be tracked for about 45 days. A waybill or reference number is needed to track the status of any domestic or an international shipment. You may enter the waybill or the reference number in the TrackDart box available on the homepage of the official website of Bluedart. We have shared the steps to use TrackDart option so that you can easily track a shipment using a waybill or reference number.

  1. If you have the Waybill or reference number handy with you, just go to the Bluedart official site.
  2. Select Waybill or reference option and enter the 8 to 11-digit waybill number or the reference number in the field. You can get this waybill or reference number from the order receipt of the consignment.
  3. If you have more than one waybill or reference number, please separate each of them using a comma.
  4. Click the ‘Track Status’ button. You will now see the updated status of your consignment.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is a waybill number?

A waybill number is of 8 to 11 digits. A waybill is an official document of the shipment which is sent along with a shipment. This waybill is used to identify the consignor, consignee, the origin of the shipment and the destination where the shipment is asked to be delivered.

  • How long does it take to track a shipment?

Tracking a shipment takes only about a minute or less. One only requires the waybill number to track the shipment.

  • Can I track more than 1 waybill number at a time?

Yes. You can track more than one waybill by separating each waybill number by a comma.

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