Types of Cases available for OnePlus 7 in India


Types of Cases available for OnePlus 7 in India

Our phones might be getting thinner, trendier each year and even more vital to have. But it still gives us room to accessorize them to our liking. People can have any number of accessories for their phones, but most of them would have to agree that it’s a good case that comes first.

The OnePlus 7 made quite the headlines when it was first launched, and although much of the buzz has died down since it is still a pretty cool phone to own and expensive to buy. All the more reasons to buy a OnePlus 7 Back Cover for it and people have been looking for cases, not just any case. Listed out here are some of the popular options.

The Clear Exo-Shields

This is the clear case that fits onto the device like a second skin. It is the most feasible option that let you show off the design of the phone that you have. They’ve got precise cut-outs to fit all edges, curves, volume buttons, and earphone jacks of the OP 7 or any other phone for that matter. Looks-wise, you have fine textures, colours but all are mostly transparent.

So when buying one of these cases, all you have to do is keep in mind the model and design of the device – it’s that simple. Quick, easy, effective and very durable, the best part is that you can decorate it however you want, with glitter, stickers, even pop holders and more.

The Cool Carbon Fibres

Sleek looking, but highly texturized for a better grip and reduced drop protection. The thing is that it only looks like carbon fibre and is instead, made out of TPU because the actual carbon fibre material case would cost you a bomb! Some of these cases might feature cushioned air edges for temperature, shock protection, raised accents usually on the back that make them look a lot like tactile gear. We think that this one’s suited to the guys.

The ‘ Ready to Rock ’ case

This is the tougher version of the carbon fibre cases and might be good for you if you’re the one that travels a lot are into fitness, sports and need your phone beside you. It has an armoured shell that has the maximum durability, impact-resistant cores, and even rubberised edges for a superb shockproof degree.

It’s for this reason that the cases cost a lot and you’ll find that no two cases are alike. We recommend going through the specifications, benefits of each case, so you can find the right one. Sure, they look thick, clumsy and heavy but don’t get us wrong, they are very easy to hold and carry.

The ‘ Lovely In Leather ’ look

Leather cases are pretty old, they might be something that your dad, grand-dad and great grand-dad would use. It definitely has that professional, business-like feel to them and, since it isn’t easy to create leather back panel covers, they usually come in these flip cover cases. The plus point is that many of them double as wallets, with the right pockets, compartments and are durable too.

The ‘ Simple in Silicon ’ case

This is the fuss-free and most affordable of the bunch. It usually has this matte finish owing to the nature of the material, and probably has the best grip. Also comes in all kinds of colours, designs, and fits for most phones. For now, silicon cases only fit onto the back of the phone and might rise up towards the edges.


The ‘ Clever Kick-Stand ’ case

The point of owning a device is to stream as much Netflix, Amazon Prime as possible. This can take a toll on your arms UNLESS…. you have one of these kick-stand cases. The cases have a little stand or bit of plastic that can be clipped in or out as you like, keeping the device at a 45° angle. Then, all you have to do is let the device stand on its own and stream away!

We would recommend checking out Blackbora and their collection of OnePlus 7 Mobile Back Covers which ensure a superior protection and come with licensed artwork printed over them.

So, as you can see, it does much more than protect your OP7. If you’re planning on getting this or any other device, check out more cases online.

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