How Car Valuation helps to make smarter buying or selling decision?


In India, the used car market is 1.3 times larger than the new car market as per the report in FY 2018-19 and technology has leased a new breath of life into the Indian pre-owned automobile sector. Especially, for the people looking out to sell their used cars, the integration of technology to determine the unbiased used car value, that makes the overall process of selling a car a smooth affair. Many other standard practices like this, in the form of standardized quality checks and certifications incorporated by online service providers help you put all the unnecessary hassles at bay.

What is Car Valuation?

Car valuation implies that the vehicle to be sold must be evaluated for its condition and performance. Today, with the advent of technology, the sophisticated algorithmic pricing engine determines the fair market price for the price to be sold. This helps both the buyers and sellers to come to a mutual understanding to finalize the deal.

Fastrack Used Car Sale with Car Valuation

No time wastage, no looking out for potential buyers for months and years. Go online to check used car price at OBV with a reliable service provider today. What do you stand to gain by going online?

Here is your answer:

  • Seamless process

Anything and everything you require to make an informed decision are available for you. So be it information about your vehicle or fair market price, you can access sit on the go. Within a few seconds, get a quote for the fair market price for your car. Simply, get your car listed on the platform, and with the standardized certifications and check-ups carried out to complete the listing process help the potential buyers put trust in the vehicle they are buying.

  • 360-degree solutions delivered under one roof

From certification packages to millions of potential buyers, you get access to everything under one roof. No need to travel to your local dealership and go through the wait, enjoy 360-degree car selling solutions like never from the comfort of your home.

  • Minimum effort, maximum gains

The whole process of selling a used car is not troublesome but gets hectic. When you are already planning for your next buy, you are left to wait to find the potential buyers. This is exactly where you stand to gain with car valuation and subsequent services by going online. You might be enjoying your dinner with your family while the potential buyers will be throning to your listing page to get in touch with you. Once you connect with the buyers, the deal is as good as done.

With car valuation, you do not have to fret over the process or the price you might be getting for your car. There is no denying that people love their cars. When you spend your hard-earned money to buy a car, you expect to get it worth in resale value.  Car valuation makes that possible and even turns the whole process an enjoyable one.

How do I increase the value of my car before selling it?

Car valuation is done by evaluating the overall condition and performance of the car. This includes the year of make, brand, KMs a car has run for and the condition of car interiors and exteriors. For a better fair market price, you must:

  • Look after the car interiors – Make sure that there are no faulty or damaged components. So be it gearbox, seats, quality of mirrors or the dashboard, the quality of car interiors is as important as the performance.
  • Get rid of dents and scratches – There might have minor scratches which might elude your eyes, but when you go for car valuation even the minor scratches or blemishes on the body can impact the final price. So, get your car looked at by a professional to get rid of those.
  • Get it serviced – Get it cleaned and vacuumed. It might be a second hand car for you but for the potential buyers it is a new purchase, and they expect the car to be in top condition. Make sure that your car is up and shiny.

It is all about taking care of the car you have come to love so much. Simply put, you ensure that the buyers get excited to purchase your car and maintaining the quality of interiors and car body gets you a better price for your car.

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Get your car valuation within 10 seconds!

If, by now, you are wondering about what’s my car worth or valuation, you will be delighted to know that you can get it done within 10 seconds only with the help of OBV App. You just need to fill a form with the minimal details of your vehicle, and you will get your car valuation within no time. So, put all your worries at rest and get started to get the best price for your car.


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