Blogging & Twitter Tips Every Marketer Must Know


Blogging & Twitter Tips

Every Marketer Must Know

What is a Blog ?

Well A blog is a platform to show your articles to the World But you will also have variety of features Like comments etc. Your posts will have subscriptions which will make it Ideal for marketing .Blog can also be used as a Hub. A centre for all your other social media which you are using for marketing. And the best thing is that all this can be interlinked very easily. I recommend every marketer to have a blog so that adequate communication can exist between his audience. Blogs are conversational So Don’t prefer Public releases or Press releases on them.

Every time you do something good or the campaign or product achieves something ,Post about it instantly. Blog is one of the most effective marketing tool as Besides being able to spread the word about your brand quickly and easily, maintaining a blog gives you an informal way of connecting with, listening to, responding to, and engaging in conversation with your target audience.

  • How To Use your Blog ?

Surely Blogging can give high profits due to its high potential but some risks are also involved. A large number of businesses and ventures are going into marketing without a proper plan for Blogging or some other social media tools. They Push up

a good website with some ads, even trying Search engine optimization(SEO) but they fail .Why? They don’t have a planned social media compaign.They just create a blog for the sake of creating it.They just describe their business asking us to buy without giving us the reason WHY we should buy it?. For businesses, however, things get more complicated. “Blogging is easy! Anyone can blog!” No, it’s not always easy. Actually, it’s easier to set up a Twitter account and start posting text rather than publishing a blog post. But with one little blog you can reach thousands if not millions more people/customers. Let me tell you how you can make profit from a small blog.

  • You need a Provider

There is the big three of WordPress, Blogger, and Livejournal, but for businesses your blogging providers should come down to WordPress and Blogger and a Social Media Agency to help you oursource… It depends on what you want. For instance, Blogger allows you to post ads,namely Google Adsense for free. On the other hand, WordPress does not. However, if you choose to buy a domain name and host your WordPress blog on its own server, which is reasonable, you can post as many ads as you want. Blogger is very good too. It’s simple and you can even, if you so desire, make money online passively. However, WordPress is the #1 in this case. But writing the blog isn’t going to bring readers to you.well you will have to pay attention to the SEO. Let’s see How to apply a great SEO.

  • Applying a SEO

Apart from writing a great Blog, The writer of the Blog should pay concentrated attention to SEO strategy too. The blog needs to be keyword rich so people just don’t find it when they type in the exact business or topic your blog is on. A keyword rich Blog will ensure more views and pay per clicks thus allowing you to earn from ads too. For an example- If your Blog is about your college’s cultural fest. But the passes are high priced; you might think a blog is worthless. However, if you make the whole field interesting, if you focus a blog on the advantages of your cultural fest over cheap ones, you might notice a difference in sale of your passes. And it may not be immediate.

  • What should be your content ?

Of course you need to choose a topic of which you are a master. Now if you are choosing a topic on which there are already hundreds of blogs then it will be quiet difficult to get a good traffic.

Once you’ve picked your audience or topics, Put your efforts. Mix up the kind of content you post, emphasis on every content assuring if it will be able to drive traffic or not.

  • Don’t Just tell stories

Blogging isn’t always fun, but most people blog to just tell stories Just telling stories about your daily life incidents doesn’t makes you a great blogger. Your blogging talent is identified by how much people are coming to your blog to enjoy your writings or how many products you are able to sell through your business blog. But even in the early stages of design and development you need to remember most people go online to have some fun. So keep it real!

Twitter  : The Microblogger

Twitter is a social tool which allows you to blog but this time the size of each post is limited. The maximum limit of characters is only 140. But, Rather than being a Limitation, It has created a new niche .It started becoming popular with high profile celebrities and today almost every celebrity is followed by their millions of fans on twitter. I recommend using twitter mostly to promote your new blog posts etc. It requires very little investment of time , It is much efficient than traditional Blogging.

  • How Marketers can use Hashtags ?

Terms with # sign are called hashtags. If someone uses a hashtag in a post and the tag when clicked by another person shows him all the relevant tweets with that hashtag.I prefer its better to go with a single or maximum 2 hashtags so that you don’t distract your audience more to your hashtag in place of your link.

Retweet When someone likes your tweet and shares it with his/her followers then it’s called a retweet.

Hat Tip A hat tip is like a user credit given by one user to another on discovering something.for instance you decide to share some blog post without retweeting its original user, Credit can still be given to them with a HT@username.

Trends Same as Hot news,Twitter has ongoing Hot Topics which are based on keywords and hashtags.To get more exposure tweet

Mention When your username is used in a tweet ,The person using it mentions you with @username

  • Follow Important people

I recommend you to follow all those important people who are somehow related to your campaign or venture or are masters in the field f your campaign etc. There knowledge can always be helpful.

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