What is Bitcoin and Why it is Important ?


What is Bitcoin ?

As people changing their thinking towards the technology or technical devices, science also improving day by day. Anything can be done by Virtual Technology, by creating an environment over the internet or devices. Such as the term Bitcoin can be sophisticated as a virtual currency or digital currency without any real time existence like other currency – dollars, euro or etc. Bitcoin held electronically in the form of digital currency only and this can’t be controlled by anyone.

How Bitcoin is different from other currencies ?

The measure difference is that bit coin can be only used digitally; they can’t be in printable forms like dollars or other currencies. They can be used through the computers, laptops or other electronic devices. We can buy anything in any mode of payment through dollars, euros or other currencies while Bit coin can only be used to buy anything electronically.

“Satoshi Nakamoto – a software developer” has proposed the concept of Bit Coin based on the electronic payment system based via mathematical proof.

Why Bitcoin is important ?



  • Value of Bit coin will increase in the future
  • Easy to use as you can submit bit coin addresses in seconds without any pee payable
  • Transparent mode of currency
  • Save your money as an anonymous user, no one may ask to your name, addresses or other identity proofs
  • Excellent featured apart from government backed currencies
  • Bit coin never charges for international money transfers like other bank does.
  • Fast process to send money(within a minute)
  • Secure mode of payment (No one can access that bit coin rather than the recipient, you only can use the recipient return bit coin to you)
  • Make more money by investing small amount of current value of Bit coin



Some platform where you can buy or sell Bitcoin, these are highly secured with good usability environment. Those platforms are coinbase, localbitcoins.com, bitquick, coincorner, bitbargain, xapo. Don’t worry Bit coin is legal as it is of interest of law enforcement companies, tax authorities, and legal regulators. Digital currency is one of the best payment or to save money for the future concerns.

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