7 Best Whatsapp Customization Tips


7 Best Whatsapp Customization Tips

WhatsApp is a cross-platform messaging application, which is used to send instant messages to the men and women in your contact list, without paying any price. Besides exchanging text messages, then you may even share pictures, videos, audio messages and user location with other individuals. This messaging app is designed to be used together with Android, Windows, Blackberry and iOS smartphones. You can even create groups utilizing this program to exchange messages, pictures, and videos.

One can customize the preferences for Whats App Messenger, according to his/her own preference or relaxation utilization. There are many different setting options that you could customize depending on your selection. From the record, 7 WhatsApp configurations are described in this article which you may readily customize.

  • Part 1 Establishing WhatsApp Notification

Whats App Notification automatically shows in your phone’s screen, whenever a new message has been obtained. These notifications are a way to tell you there are new messages in your chat accounts. Below are the steps whereby you may readily customize notifications in Whats App settings. Because of this, you need to make sure the notification settings have been”On” on your Whats App accounts in addition to in your phone configurations.


Proceed into WhatsApp > Preferences > Notifications, and make sure that”display notifications” is enabled for individuals and groups.

In your mobile menu, go to”settings > notification > Whats App”. Now, place your preferences for the alert form: pop-up alert, none or banners; sounds; and swipes. Moreover, if you need that the alarms will appear, even if the display of your phone is off, then you need to enable”Display on Lock Screen”.

The audio volume of the alarm may be customized through the ringer quantity of your mobile phone. For this, proceed to”preferences > seems” in your mobile menu. You may also set vibrate tastes.

Again, confirm the notification preferences is”On” in the settings choice of WhatsApp as well as your Phone.

  • Part 2 Shifting WhatsApp Ringtone

You might even set the audio alerts of these messages for various groups, as per your choice. For this, there’s an alternative available from the settings for Whats App.

For a Android Device:

In Android telephone, for altering the ringtone settings, go to”Settings > Notifications”. Select the notification tone out of your media choices.

Moreover, you might even set a customized tone for people by accessing the details inside their chat choices.

For a iPhone Device:

Open Whats App and tap on the conversation of the category for which you wish to personalize the ringtone.

On the dialog screen, tap the title of the group at the peak of the screen. As a result, the Group Information opens up.

In group information, visit “Custom Notifications” and tap it. Toggle notifications to”On”, to set a brand new message alert sound for this group.

Click the brand new message and choose the new ringtone for your own group depending on your selection. Click on”Save” in the right corner corner of this display.

  • Part 3 Change Whats App Phone Number

The”Change Number” choice from the Whats App configurations enables you to change the telephone number, linked for your own account on precisely the identical device. You need to use this feature, before verifying the new number. This feature allows you to move account payment status, classes profile to the new number. With the support of this attribute, you can even preserve and keep the chat history employing the new amount, before the time exactly the same phone is being used. Also, you can even delete the accounts connected to the old amount, so that your contacts won’t find the old number in their WhatsApp telephone lists from the future.

Steps to customize:

Go to”Settings > account > change number”.

Mention your present Whats App phone number in the box.

Mention your brand new phone number in the second box, and click on”Done” to continue farther.

Follow the confirmation measures for your fresh number, for which the confirmation code is obtained via SMS or phone call.

  • Part 4 Turning off Last Seen

The default WhatsApp privacy settings may be a bit bothersome for you. By default, everyone can see your”last seen” period i.e. time when you were last on the internet. It is possible to customize this WhatsApp privacy settings alternative, in accordance with your choice. As an example, follow the below mentioned steps. Also, GB WhatsApp is way better for Privacy related settings!

For Android user:

Proceed to Whats App and choose”menu settings” inside.

Figure the”privacy option, and under this, find the”last seen” option, supplied in”who will see my private information.” Click it and choose which do you want to show the advice:

For iPhone user:

Proceed to WhatsApp and click “preferences”.

In settings, find out”account” option, and then select”solitude” in it.

  • Part 5 Changing WhatsApp Background

It’s possible to change the background wallpaper of your Whats App chat depending on your liking. By changing the background picture, you can produce the chat screen good and attractive. Follow the steps to change the background.

Measures :

  1. Open WhatsApp and select”Preferences” from the navigation bar. Next, select”Chat settings”. Choose”chat background”. Pick the new wallpaper by searching through the default Whats App Wallpaper Library or by the Camera Roll.
  2. Return to the default settings for WhatsApp. To reset the background back to the default one, click on the”refresh background” beneath”chat wallpaper”.
  • Part 6 Shifting WhatsApp Theme

It’s possible to customize the subject of Whats App by deciding on any picture from your camera downloads or roll.


  1. Open WhatsApp, and then click the”menu” option. Go into”settings > chat settings”, and click “Wallpaper”.
  2. Click your telephone”gallery”, and then choose your selection of wallpaper to set the subject.
  • Part 7 Make yourself Invisible on WhatsApp

When you combine WhatsApp, your previous contacts don’t get the notifications. However, if a specific individual in the contact list refreshes his/her telephone lists, he/she get info regarding your membership. At this time, you can make yourself invisible, with two techniques.

  1. It’s possible to block the telephone. By doing this, no individual in your contact list will have the ability to communicate with you.
  2. Delete the contacts in your contact list. Following this follow the following steps.

Open Whatsapp > settings > account > privacy > all the things such as Profile Pic/Status/Last Seen to My contacts/Nobody

All these will be the seven Whats App settings which you can customize depending on your selection, whenever you want. Follow the stated steps to personalize the settings.

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