List of World’s Best Pipe Tobacco Brands


List of world’s Best Pipe Tobacco Brands

Pipe smoking becomes popular again. People consider pipe smoking as a ritual. Today we are living in a Golden Age of pipe tobacco brands, with endless choices for pipe smokers of every taste. There are a rich variety of pipe tobacco brands are available in market .it is became difficult to find the best pipe tobacco brands for both beginners and enthusiasts alike. But People always wanted to smoke only the very best tobaccos. That is why I started to write this guide about pipe tobacco brands. This guide will teach you about different pipe tobacco brands and their specialities.

So now we can talk about some of the world’s best pipe tobacco brands

  • Ashton

Ashton Cigars is considering as one of the world’s premier luxury brands .they have a dedicated commitment to quality, excellence, and consistency. Ashton’s cigar was established in 1985. Since then it is considered as a classic brand for all type of tobacco especially pipe tobacco, Ashton cigars have received numerous awards. It is now becoming a favourite of cigar experts worldwide.

  • Captain Black

This pipe tobacco brand has a huge fan base al around the world captain black is began in 1973. They are noted for unmatched satisfaction offered. It is the number one selling pipe tobacco brand in the United States of America today.

  • Borkum Riff

Borkum Riff is a Danish  pipe tobacco brand, that is now ruling worlds tobacco market .they are  flavorful and aromatic .it gives the user a different experience.

  • Drew Estate

Drew estate had to tell a story of growing from a small factory to one of the most popular pipe tobacco brands in the world. Drew Estate is established by Jonathan Drew & Marvin Samel in 1998. With hard work and persistence, Drew Estate brand was able to create some of the most popular pipe tobacco. And slowly Drew Estate cigars became the definition of a trendsetter.

  • Dunhill

Dunhill made pipes, pipe tobaccos, cigars, lighters and more since 1907. They are called as “renaissance” brand.   Dunhill cigars were first manufactured in Cuba. It is said that Sir Winston Churchill had a private collection of Dunhill products. It gains popularity in the 1970s and 1980s and continues to be choice of the world’s finest pipe tobaccos and cigars.

  • Nat Sherman

Nat Sherman is now considered as the king of luxury cigars and pipe tobacco. It is one of the most recognized brands in the premium tobacco industry. They started out as a retail tobacconist in 1930.all of their tobacco products continues in the tradition of excellence for a long period.

  • Peterson

It is started as an idea of Charles Peterson to create a better revolutionary system pipe for your tobacco. They produce top quality pipes for the pipe enthusiast. They manufacture some of the world’s most popular and well-crafted pipes. Peterson pipes are a brand rooted in traditions but remain wholly relevant today. Peterson also offers a flavorful line of pipe tobaccos including Irish whiskey, Old Dublin, and Sweet Killarny.

This list is my personal choice and you have all the authority to choose your own brand. But I am sure that this selection did not make you sad.

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