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I will start today’s article with a celebration that bitcoin crossed the $60k mark again, too bad who was hoping the bitcoin bubble to burst. What do you think? Is it even a bubble?

I do not think so at all. I have another question, is this too early to celebrate?

Maybe, but by studying the charts I can say that the latest and biggest support is lying at the $52k levels for bitcoin and I am also hoping that a healthy down move will happen before it crosses the all-time high again bouncing back from the $52k levels and then crossing the 64k all-time high.

Today’s article is all about exchanges and not just exchanges but the best cryptocurrency exchanges available so that even the newborns can ride the bitcoin trend too.

Remember as always, we do not recommend this article as any kind of trading or investment advice and would advise you to do your own research from different sources on the internet for better clarity and only treat this article as an opinion-based piece of writing. Always contact your financial advisor before taking or making any significant monetary decision.

The list of best cryptocurrency exchanges will be divided into sections of 10 for better clarity. Let us go on and start the list :











These are the top 10 crypto exchanges according to our opinion and expertise in the crypto space, remember that the exchanges mentioned in this article does not only provide exchange services but also give you advanced options like cryptocurrency futures contract trading and options contract trading. These types of contracts are well known to come with high risk and a high reward scenario and so it is recommended to gain some experience and then dive into those.

So, where were we? Yeah, the bitcoin prices… by the way not only the bitcoin price surge back in the few days, but the whole crypto space has been on a boom lately and there has been no clear reason for this. I think this is the beauty of the crypto space that you cannot really predict the prices which in turn produces equal opportunity for all the people. It also clearly depicts how volatile bitcoin and the whole crypto space can be, if you remember, bitcoin dropped down to $29k two to three months back and look at the prices now…almost back at its peak. Please take this as a small piece of warning before jumping into this space and do not try to compare the crypto space with the stock market as the volatility is extreme in the crypto space. Why? Well, read the latter part of this article

Let us now continue with our list of best cryptocurrency exchanges :











There are some underrated cryptocurrency exchanges in this list, but underrated does not mean they are not packed with features. In fact, there are some exchanges in this list that are more feature-packed than any of the bigger exchanges but, the reason they are underrated is that the region and the Fiat currency options are limited but, if that is not a deal-breaker for you then you are more than welcome to try those.

Coming back to the volatility of the crypto space. If we compare the stock market and the cryptocurrency market then the general opinion says it must be the same. Well, I agree everything is the same and ditto apart from the volatility factor. Why? Well, let’s quickly discuss that.

The number one factor that leads to extreme volatility is the lack of regulation which is also one of the advantages of using cryptocurrency over Fiat currency, But, all I can say is “It is what it is” the biggest example is the Elon musk factor in the crypto space, and all this is just because of the lack of regulation. This can be overcome with time and it can be witnessed by looking at the price trends of Dogecoin and Elon musks tweet. The influence is decreasing by every day, the last tweet had almost close to no effect on the price of the Dogecoin. The share market is existent for quite a long time when compared to cryptocurrency and hence the volatility is not as much as the crypto space.

You cannot just control it now but it will settle down as time goes by. So, all one can do is to be aware of the extremely volatile nature of cryptocurrency and invest or trade carefully by keeping the factors in mind.

Let’s now get to the last section of this best cryptocurrency exchanges list :







27. stormgain

This was the curated list of the best cryptocurrency exchanges according to my knowledge and my opinion. Though I try to update this list regularly but I may miss out on some of the information sometimes, hence it is advisable to take this list and try to find the latest information by visiting the websites. Some of the exchanges mentioned here also provide to feature of staking your crypto’s to gain some extra interest if you plan on holding any of the cryptocurrency, also some of the exchange provides the mobile mining facility as well where you can mine USDT by using the cloud miner and use the mined user for trading further.

Remember the bonus offered by the exchanges might have an expiration date. So, keep a lookout for that. The last thing you would want is to see your login bonus or deposit bonus expire before your eyes.

Be safe while trading and investing .. Always use stop-loss !!


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