Best Affordable PS4 Steering Wheels


Best Affordable PS4 Steering Wheels

Getting the right PS4 steering wheel can be amazing for you. It will increase the number of hours that you spend playing your favorite PS4 racing games. You will realize that with the right racing wheels, games that used to be just fun can immerse you further into the world of gaming.

You can always improve your gaming space but aside from that, you should also know how to improve the different items that you use. Having the right steering wheel will surely improve your gaming experience. The moment that you have it, you will probably regret why you did not get one sooner.

Finding the Right Steering Wheel for PS4

There are many things that you have to consider when trying to find the right steering wheel. It can be a bit complicated especially when the steering wheels all look similar to each other. Certain features will allow you to make the right decision.

  • Design – The design of the steering wheels that you will find are all different from each other. There are some that will look perfect with the rest of your room’s design. The design you want will definitely be up to you.
  • Set or No Set – Some PS4 steering wheels already come with pedals so you do not have to purchase the items that you need separately. The ones without a set may cost less but you have to make sure that the wheels and pedals you will get are comfortable with each other.
  • Material – Do you want your steering wheel to be made out of plastic? Most people do not want this. You may want to find a steering wheel with leather. This will make the appearance of the steering wheel look more elegant.
  • Durability – Who would like to have a steering wheel that will only last for a few months or so? If you are a heavy gamer, you need a racing wheel that can keep up.
  • Budget – This is usually one of the main issues that people may have. There are a lot of great items but they may not fit the budget that you have in mind.

Now that you know some of the factors to consider, it is about time that you start looking at the steering wheels for PS4 that you may consider to get soon.

  1. Thrustmaster T150 Steering Wheel

This is a standard looking steering wheel and pedal set that you may want to have. This is compatible with the PS4 and if you have some PC games that you want to play, this can be ideal to use as well. The 1080 degrees of rotation can be highly ideal for you especially if you are already truly immersed in playing you favorite racing game. The plastic rubber grips will ensure that you will keep your hands on the wheels while you play.


  • This comes with 5-inch paddle shifters.
  • The 13 action buttons will allow you to do what you want easily.
  • This can be upgraded to fit your needs.


  • Upgrading can be expensive.

If you are perfectly fine with a steering wheel that comes with stock parts, then this will definitely fit your budget. This comes with a lot of great features that you may normally see in items that are priced much higher.

  1. Hori Racing Wheel Apex

This is a type of wheel that is just perfectly designed for people who love playing games during the weekend. The main reason why this is great is this is such an upgrade from the gaming controller that you may have used to play your favorite racing games in the past. This also comes with a pedal set if you want to improve your gaming experience further. Connect this via USB and this will not be too hard to use anymore.


  • The build quality of this wheel is amazing.
  • This is budget-friendly.
  • The buttons that will help you control the way that you play will last for a long time.


  • This is not as good as the usual PS4 steering wheels.

This is a steering wheel that is okay and will definitely fit your budget. This does not have any forced feedback but if you just want to play, this will be okay.

  1. Logitech Driving Force G29

You would like to have the right wheel that will make you want to play often and for hours. The metal coating will make this look more expensive than it actually is. The moment that you start playing it, you will know why it is worth the purchase. It will allow you to play your favorite games in a more realistic way. You may even forget that you are at the comforts of your own home.


  • Decent three-pedal base
  • Plug and play
  • Good force feedback


  • The pedal grip can still be improved.

This will not be considered one of the favorite steering wheels of PS4 users for nothing. The realistic experience will always be worth the price that you will pay for it.

Are you ready to start looking for the right steering wheel for your PS4? You have hopefully learned a lot from the details that are mentioned above.

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