Benefits of Social Media Platforms in Everyday Life


Many of us can no longer imagine our day without browsing Facebook feeds, for example during a break at work or while stuck in traffic. What started out as a small website for students has grown into a huge social network with over 2 billion users every month. Inspired by the success of Facebook, developers have created many other social media platforms to connect with people around the world. Social networks allow you to keep in touch with your family and friends, get the latest news, and communicate with brands on a whole new level. And below are a few of the benefits of social media taken for granted by many of us.

Convenient Way to Keep in Touch

Back in the days before such a great invention of mankind as the internet, people used to exchange letters by post to keep in touch at a distance. Now, however, to contact a loved one or friend, you just need to open Facebook or WhatsApp to send a text, picture or video in seconds. Given that it takes minimal time and effort to send a message and receive a reply, social media has become the preferred method of communication today.

Easier Access to News

Although older people continue to read newspapers or watch the evening news, social media offers a simpler and more convenient way to find out what is going on in the community and the world around you. Thanks to social media, you can easily keep up with news that interests you through social channels. Statistics show that around 40% of millennials rely on social platforms as sources of instant news, and this percentage is growing rapidly.

Huge Benefits for Business

In this day and age, where ordinary users have become much more demanding of the quality of content offered to them, a personalized approach is at the core of many brands’ success. Social media platforms offer advanced tools to segment audiences based on various traits and interests to create more effective marketing campaigns. In addition, social media has taken brand communication with customers to a whole new level. Many companies are already reaping huge benefits from social media marketing. Firstly, it helps increase brand awareness. Secondly, social media helps in attracting new customers and increasing conversions. From e-commerce representatives to online casinos and sportsbooks, many online businesses use social media to establish and develop relationships with potential and existing customers. For example, SlotV casino uses social platforms to highlight events on the gaming platform and post unique bonus offers.

Taking Public Health to a Fundamentally New Level

Thanks to social media, many people suffering from the same disease can stay in touch. In addition, social media allow doctors to hold virtual appointments, which was particularly important in the midst of the pandemic when many people had to stay at home. However, social media is a two-way street, where in addition to useful information, misinformation published by non-specialists can also be stumbled upon. Health agencies are therefore forced to develop a plan to combat misinformation on the Internet.

Greater Influence on Government

Social media has helped to increase citizen engagement in public administration. Thanks to online polls and voting, it has become much easier to promote public plans, ideas and initiatives. Politicians can now strengthen ties with voters through their social profiles without the need for physical meetings. Social media has posed a serious challenge to state domination and contributes to even greater democratization of society.


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