How to Become a Journalist – A Step by Step Guide


How to Become a Journalist

The art of producing and distributing reports on events is what constitutes journalism. It is a career in which a person or a group of people gather and publish information then present through a medium such as television, radio, print media, or the internet.

Who is a journalist?

A journalist is a person who explores new occurrences, trends, and issues and creates a story from them. He/she may work alone as a freelancer like for any or all Bangla newspapers or for a media company to uncover facts and disseminate them to the public. The stories or news reach the audience through broadcast, print, or online. A journalist has an area of specialization such as politics, sports, business, or entertainment.

A journalist must provide information that is unbiased and accurate after doing thorough research. One must, therefore, have strong investigative and interpersonal skills to enable them to present their stories coherently and transparently. The following steps are crucial in making one a professional journalist:

  • Get the Right Background

Preparation as a journalist starts back in high school. You should have a strong background in writing and communication skills. You should undertake courses in English, social studies, humanities, and language arts, which will help in improving your skills.

You can engage in writing for your school magazine, newspaper, or yearbook. If your school has a TV or radio station, you can volunteer to work for it as this will strengthen your background as a journalist.

  • Pursue a Degree in Journalism

One of the basic educational requirements of a journalist is a bachelor’s degree in journalism. In this course, you will learn how to write for different media distribution. You will also learn ethics and fundamental techniques of investigation that include sourcing for data. You will also learn how to conduct personal interviews and represent the information.

Various programs are offered at the bachelor’s degree level, and they include photojournalism, public relations, print, and broadcast. As a journalist, you may also pursue marketing and business administration, which will equip you to become a freelancer.

  • Become an Intern

Becoming an intern in a professional newsroom helps you to gain the experience and confidence that you require to be a good journalist. You can check with your school to get contacts from different media companies and work with them to build your portfolio. Ensure to establish good relations, which may help you secure a job after graduating.

  • Look for a Job

You should look for employment to work for TVs, radios, newspapers, or even magazines. Use contacts you made as an intern and be free to work in any department as this will help you to climb the ladder gradually.

You should look forward to advancing your career by pursuing other related courses as you continue working. Interacting with other journalists also helps you to gain more knowledge and ideas on how to make your skills better. Continue learning different approaches and always be open to criticism and corrections from others for you to become a professional journalist.


Journalism is among the most enjoyable and exciting careers around. In it, you get to work in different environments. You will also have a chance to explore and present information from the various fields, which helps you grow as an individual and a professional.

You must go through each step with seriousness to make you the best expert you can be.

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