The most beautiful games on smartphones


Indeed, many play certain games precisely due to the beautiful picture and game atmosphere.

At a time when smartphones become more and more functional every year, they can even replace a game console. After all, the quality and the transfer of effects that we see now on the screen of our phone are much superior to what we saw on game consoles some 10-15 years ago. Regardless of the genre, games are striking in their graphics and realism, and for this, it is not necessary to use a powerful PC. Even modern pixel games are beautiful enough and have a whole army of fans. Moreover, the most popular games of our time are precisely games on smartphones.

Gambling for every taste

Take Diwali online gambling for example Whether it be card games, or spins, or dice games – all of them are certainly pleasing to the eye. In this case, they all have a common meaning and theme – the Indian festival of Diwali. And, accordingly, they are saturated with entourage and atmosphere.

As you know, logic games usually do not differ in special effects, and in principle, they should not. However, even here lately we can observe fantastic visual components. Sometimes the graphics and atmosphere of logic games exceed all the expectations of puzzle lovers.

Arcade games usually do not have a plot as such, or it is quite short. But in terms of beauty, they are not lagging. That there are only numerous versions of the game Xonix with a variety of visual components. Some of the graphics and beauty are not inferior to the more energetic genres.

As for the exciting gameplay, picturesque colorful landscapes, then this is Grand Mountain Adventure. Skiing down the mountains looks really beautiful. The feeling of immersion, even though you are just looking at the smartphone screen. The once-popular game Sleed Storm required an entire PS console to somehow display the landscapes of winter racing tracks. Now everything is much more colorful and realistic just on your smartphone.

RPG fans can explore deserts, jungles, dungeons, deep forests and caves, and many other areas inherent in this genre, without looking up from the screen of their smartphone. And this is due to the excellent transfer of the atmosphere.

Also, modern smartphones are great for racing. There is probably no racing series more famous than the NFS. Every game in this series has incredible graphics. It should be noted that even weather effects are taken into account here, even though in this type of game this is not the main thing. Sometimes the game seems to be testing your smartphone for its true graphics capabilities. So if you want to know how powerful your device is, racing is one of the best ways to test it.

Another way to test your hardware for endurance and enjoy the quality of the picture is, of course, shooters. Incredible gun battles in a very realistic setting. The beauty and atmosphere of the action game will not leave indifferent the lover of the genre. An example is the mobile version of CoD.

In simple words, no matter what genre you are a fan of, each of them has its gaming beauty. Nowadays, even a dice game on smartphones has such graphics and atmosphere that it is pleasant to play it, even if you are not even a fan of the genre.



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