What is the Average Salary of a Project Manager in Delhi?


What is the Average Salary of

A Project Manager in Delhi?

According to a recent survey by Indeed, it has been found that the average amount of salary for a project manager in Delhi is INR 6, 04,313. The amount exceeds the national average by 35%. Indeed has the finalized report based on the salary reports of 198 project manager employees submitted in the past three years.

It has come to our knowledge that out of 200 professionals, 120 can vouch for a hike in their salary after getting PMP® Certification in Delhi. The percentage of hike ranges from 20% to 30% on the existing salary. Whereas out of 200 professionals, only 50 non-PMP® certified employees get a raise in their salaries. This data has been provided by about 600 certified and non-certified project management professionals in Delhi.

According to a salary estimation posted on LinkedIn, a program manager who works in an Information Technology company, based in Delhi, can generally expect a yearly remuneration of INR 14, 70,000. Overall the range of salary falls broadly between INR 8, 40,000 and INR 25, 80,000.

Still, if it is hard to believe for you, have a look at the average salary table of these multinational companies which mentions the average salary and the amount of bonus it offers to its employees.


Company Salary (Avg. per year)


Bonus (per year)


Accenture 2,155,582/yr 2,06,198/yr
CSC 1,522,193/yr 28,315/yr
IBM 1,455,060/yr 50,000/yr
TCS 1,402,249/yr 1,95,323/yr
HCL Technologies 1,238,975/yr 1,28,971/yr


Another estimate by Glassdoor also proves that the Project Managers in Delhi credit approximately an average amount of ₹13, 32,341. The report was based on the 888 anonymous submissions of salaries by project managers in New Delhi, India.

Unlike non-certified project managers, Project managers who possess a PMP® certification associate themselves with the advantage of fetching a job in the leading companies of the country like Accenture, CSC, IBM, TCS, HCL Technologies.  Also if the professionals want to have the edge over other managers it is important to possess some other desired skills along with PMP® certification. C++, Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), .NET, Microsoft Project, Java/J2EE, SQL, Microsoft Access, Java, Microsoft Active Server Pages (ASP), Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word are a bunch of skills that the project management companies look for in their current and future employees.

How Can You Become a

PMP® Certified Professional?

The steps underneath can help you to become a PMP® certified professional:

Step 1: The PMP® Handbook is 20 minutes read so start by reading it.

Step 2: the first thing after reading the handbook is confirming your eligibility to become a PMP® certified project manager.

Step 3:  To access PMBOK, PDUs, Tools & Templates you need to become a member of PMI®

Step 4: the next step is to enroll yourself with a registered education provider like KnowledgeHut and have access to PMP® Training (Classroom or LVC) in Delhi to earn 35 PDUs (PMI’s Education requirement).

Step 5: you can also find a suitable classroom session for yourself by checking out the PMP® classroom training schedules & dates for Delhi.

 Step 6: Later on by filling the PMP® application form & you can sign up for the PMP® Exam and then submit it to PMI® for approval.

Step 7: The next step is scheduling your PMP® Exam through Pearson Vue at any of your convenient locations.

Step 8: PMBOK® Guide gives you a primary reference for the examination, studying it a few times before can help you out.

Step 9: you can try your hands on the PMP® Practice sample exam question until you attain a good score as 80%.

Step 10: Arrive with your documents and full preparation for the examination!

Advantages of PMP® Certification

PMP® Certification can help you in ample ways; it not just boosts your career but also offers more prospects and advantages to the organizations. Here are a few benefits that are associated with PMP® Certification:

Give an extra boost to your career: it opens new doors of opportunities in your career and helps in getting more job prospects.

Improve your versatility: With PMP® Certification you get better with your skills and become a versatile and trained employee.

Higher Salary Potential: A PMP® certification helps you in fetching a higher salary as compared to other roles with 20% more chances.

Get recognition from recruiters: PMP® certified professionals are more skilled, experienced and versatile as compared to other project managers.

Better Job opportunity: PMP® certified professionals have better job opportunities as they are more trained and knowledgeable as compared to professionals without a certification.

Proficiency in Language: The terms and language of project management can be easily and effectively understood with the help of PMP® certification. The course gives you the confidence of applying it regularly.

Expand your market: you can expand your market and make new connections with the help of PMP® certification.

Relevant to most industries: PMP® certification is not just limited to one industry but it is an ideal match for other fields like IT, commerce, finance, etc.

PMP® Professionals Perform Better: the efficiency and performance of PMP® certified project managers are more as compared to the non-certified professionals.

Get more challenging projects: Being a PMP® certified makes you more credible, knowledgeable and urges you to take up more challenges in the future.

What makes KnowledgeHut PMP the best?

Despite providing the complete PMP Course at Knowledgehut also offers you with tools of exam preparation, training by experts along with a 100% PMP® Certification exam pass guarantee. Check out the advantages of this course by Knowledgehut.

The Exam Success Formula of Knowledgehut has been designed with a focus of attaining 100% success rate. It also offers maximum learning advantage to its students. This study material consists of practice questionnaire, six full-length mock exams, PM templates, math formulae kit, exam tips, and techniques.

Knowledgehut provides you with their certified trainers who extend their support throughout the process of your learning. It begins from the process of getting enrolled and continues until the completion of your exam.

KnowledgeHut’s unique Eligibility Check will help you test your eligibility for the certification.  Not only this, but you can also get assistance from its team regarding PMI Registration, PMI Membership, Filling of PMI Application Form, and review of your PMI Application.

You can also schedule an online post-training session with the experts to help you solve your queries. And it also aids you with an interactive and a preparatory session of 4-6 hours for your exam.

KnowledgeHut assures you to refund your 100% entire course tuition fees in case you are unable to pass the PMP® exam in two attempts excluding the discounts. However, the condition is that all your attempts should be within 90 calendar days of completing the course.

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