Is Andaman worth visiting For A Vacation ?


Is Andaman worth visiting For A Vacation ?

Try to picture shiny white sands, clear royal blue waters, and the coastlines covered with palm-fringes and serenity! Does that knock a feel of a perfect vacation to Andamans? Yes, the dreamy holiday awaits you. Put your vacaysunnies on and read further to know why Andaman ?

Unwinding at the Beach

Hello, all you Beach bums! Not all the beaches in India are going to offer breath-taking views, so why not enjoy it here while sipping fruity cocktails. Rejuvenate besides the hammock, and get the much-needed solitude which feels like absolute heaven! Getaway from all the chaos of the city, and do the sun-bathe. Don’t forget to catch the beautiful sunsets which makes it even more sizzling and desirable to a perfect honeymoon vacay.

Scuba Diving and Snorkelling

Travel dil se makes sure that you have all kinds of fun and explore all types of adventures. Do the most thrilling, scuba diving with your partner-in-crime! Why at Andamans? Because they are the safest options for the first-timers. Have the perfect lazing around and then the next day, go for snorkelling because of one adventure at a time? Enter the amazing aquatic life where you will see different pop of colours, multi-hues coral range, enthralling underwater species. You can also feed them with bread crumbs when you dive inside the gorgeous gushing waters. Havelock has many beautiful places to welcome adventures, one of them – Elephant Beach; the best place where one can enjoy snorkelling because of its rich marine life.

Explore the Unexplored

As it is known and stayed that Andamans are famous for its beaches. Seldom do people know that the Northern Andamans have many indigenous delights to offer to its tourists. The lush environments welcome everyone, go on a stroll with your lover while you promise one another the token of love. If you are in a mood to take your beloved for a long-drive, then Andaman Trunk Road will make your dream come true. Have a glamping dinner nearby, and explore the limestone caves in Diglipur. Lalaji Bay Beach is another gem which is home to leatherback turtles. Enter the space of exotic wildlife here! Enjoy the dance of dolphins leaping out from the water, offering a feast to your eyes. Do you like to know the history of the place while travelling? Then Cellular Jail at Port Blair makes the perfect spot to attend the light and sound show for an evening to be cherished for life.

Visit The Scenic Islands

Yes, we know a beach Roop is incomplete without some islands! The Andaman Islands make a paragon of perfection with the amalgamation of scenic landscape in the Bay of Bengal. This place suits perfectly well the people who love to hop on islands. This place will bring peace to all the chaos that goes in your mind. Indeed, you will get the tranquillity right here! Wondering where to hop to? You can visit Havelock Island which covers all the three attractions Radhanagar Beach, Kalapathar Beach, and Elephant Beach. Later in the day, you can visit Neil Island which has the Laxmanpur Beach, Bharatpur beach and the natural rock formations. Don’t forget to visit Diglipur with Ross and Smith Island in north Andamans.

Enjoying the Seafood

While a beach trip is incomplete with the yummy seafood! The scrumptious delights will surely melt your heart in a fraction of a few seconds. We assure that the seafood of Andamans will change your mind. Calling all the foodies, heaven is here! Take a day off and enjoy the quality time with your loved ones as good food brings everyone all together. The variety of exotic dishes will make you tempted, but why not try and test every simple because ‘Carpe Diem’. Relish your taste buds with a widespread of a lavish seafood platter. All you need is red wine to complement the queen size meal and enjoy it thoroughly! 

Travel Dil Se is not just a travel company. But, we are your travel buddies! We believe that travel means different to every individual. For some, it’s the break from being a corporate slave, it’s a way to reconnect with themselves, for some it’s an escape for some it is like coming back home. And not to forget the time, effort, budgeting and planning a vacation consumes. Don’t worry because We at Travel Dil Se are determined to give you the vacation you want the way you want. All you need to is do is contact us, pack your wardrobe and leave the rest on us. Give us a call at 1800-121-1808

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