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Almost A Hero Game Facts


Adventure and Time Challenge modes

The game Almost A Hero accompanies two playable modes; the main Adventure mode with a high number of stages with increasingly more grounded waves of adversaries.

Also incorporates an “Eminence mode” which you can access amid any stage after Stage 30, which gives you a chance to replay the Adventure mode as many occasions your heart almost wants, while rewarding you with Mythstones after each fruition.

The Time Challenge mode is, it might be said, a short, usually time terminating, firmly objective based variant of the Adventure mode which has interesting rewards for all 20 challenge stages.

The two modes have a lofty adversary scaling bend, as well as player stats (ex. health and damage).

What will come strange to some new players is that any advancement you make with your almost heroes in both of the two modes won’t have a permanent impact as far as their dimensions.

The main thing that permanently endures with each hero separately is their Equipment and your Artifacts which we will experience as the guide advances. Explore the almost a hero guide best team


In AAH there are nine heroes, each with their exceptional abilities and almost heroesness..ess.. Level them up amid adventures and furnish them with gear to divert them from zeroes to almost heroes.

I’ll give you a snappy summary of all by request of which you aquire them as you advance through the Adventure mode.

Grip, Bellylarf, Vexx, Kind Lenny, Sam, V, Wendle, Lia, with the exeption of Boomer Badlad, who you aquire in the Time Challenge.

There are three sorts of heroes out of the bundle; Attackers, Defenders and Supporters.

Attackers are your main wellspring of damage. Be that as it may, they’re generally not glass cannons, as all accompany abilities that give conventional survivability, some more than others.

Inside this category are the accompanying: Hilt, Vexx, Kind Lenny, Wendle and Boomer Badlad. Protectors are clearly enough the meatshield of your band of zeroes, however, don’t be tricked by their massive health pools, they can pack a punch as well. Download mods from modapkzone

Two Defenders are avaliable to take the wounds, which are: Bellylarf and Sam. And the last, yet certainly not least, is the Supporter category which comprises of just a single hero as of now; V.

The primary job of the category is to give increasingly overall gold and upset adversaries, while as yet giving unremarkable damage – basically to even the chances.


At the start of each game you can pick from one of the three rings; Lightning, Fire and Ice. Later on you can open Runes that enable your rings in an exceptional way which we will later talk about in the Upgrades area of the guide.

In-game cash

With regards to cash, there is in reality an incredible assorted variety. Essentially gold for anything in the Adventure mode from step up heroes to leveling global upgrades. Scraps are utilized to upgrade hero hardware, thus, heroes themselves.

Tokens for purchasing catalysts from the Merchant. And finally, the top notch cash of this game are the Gems. Use them to purchase Premium Chests which hold Tokens, Scraps and Hero Equipment which quality relies upon the rarity of the chest.

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