How to Start your Business with Affiliate Marketing


How to Start Your Business with Affiliate Marketing

I would like to add how to start your business with affiliate marketing. As you know, on this blog I gather everything I discover on the internet and that revolves around online business, entrepreneurship, passive income through affiliate marketing, the creation of the product online or simply the creation and monetization of niche sites to allow anyone who wants to get started on a good foundation.

I sometimes offer affiliate product links through an affiliate program and I earn commissions when some of you place orders. More and more readers are asking me questions about affiliate marketing and I have decided to publish a series of articles on the subject.

The most important thing that you should understand and that has always been obvious to me is that if you wanted to start your business on the internet, you will not need to invest thousands of euros in studies for start a business for which you should devote all your time. The Internet is really a great tool if you know how to take it as a working tool and especially if you learn and apply it seriously.

Starting your business on the internet is not as easy as you are told in terms of time absorption but is when it comes to comparing the amount of startup investment.

You just have to find the best affiliate program that will welcome you for free to use good tools in affiliate marketing, promote quality products to earn commissions on every sale.

There is no question that I tell you that everything will happen easily because the web marketing is not too easy or too complicated. But if you are passionate about your niche, you will be able to wait while working hard to get a good result via affiliate marketing.

What do you need to start a business with affiliate marketing?

If you do not understand anything, do not hurt yourself. Below are some useful information to help a baby get started and be able to earn income by doing affiliate marketing.

What do you think is the first vendor tool?

What is the most important element for successful affiliate marketing? What is this tool that will determine your success or failure in the long run?

Some people say it’s the product. If you think like them, come back to earth now. The product is important I do not refuse but it is not the most important tool for successful affiliate marketing.

The most important tool at the affiliate seller or even any contractor is: the sales tunnel and the flow market.

What will companies do if they do not have a market where they can sell their products? Regardless of the quality of your product, the channel or market on which it will be sold is the most important element that defines your success. In a traditional business, when there is not a market to sell the product available, there is no sale.

It’s also the same with affiliate marketing.

If there is no market available for a product, if there is not a broadcast channel, there will be no sale

You must be sure to have a group of people who are interested in the products you want to sell.

You must have a target market of thousands of people from whom you will promote the products of others. To succeed in your affiliate marketing, you must:

1-   Make a market study. 

By doing a market research, you will know if there is an audience available who is looking for the products you want to promote. A well-done market research will give you the number of people who do research information in your niche, what they want as information and where they are.

The market research will also help you to know if those who are doing research are willing to pay for information or want to buy a physical product.

To do your market research, you can use Google’s Keyword Planner (free Google keyword research software).

2- Create a blog and your sales tunnel

To help you understand why you need to create a blog followed by a sales channel, I’m going to ask you a question.

Is it profitable to have your own TV channel, or pay another person’s channel to promote your products?

My answer :  It is always better to own a TV channel. If you have one, you will not have to spend money to promote your own offers. Better still, other people will give you money to make themselves known. It’s also the same in affiliate marketing.

It is true that you can promote your product on Google via Adwords or other platform like Facebook. What I prefer is to create a blog or a niche site. These are my own broadcast channels which are very powerful platforms.

The blog allows you to prepare your affiliate marketing and promote as much product as you want. It stays open when you sleep and allows you to actually earn commissions even when you are busy washing your baby. Far be it from me to tell you that the blog is the easiest way to generate affiliate commissions.

Posting a blog and its development require time and work. But the work done on a blog is not lost: it accumulates.

A blog will also allow you to make money not only by selling products on affiliate platforms, but also and especially by using other strategies such as Google Adsense advertising.

The tools to create your blog

To put your blog online, you must have a domain name and web hosting. Personally, I use OVH, LWS  my accommodations and my domain names. LWS is relatively cheaper than the other two.

Then you have to create a sales tunnel. Here I use 3 tools that are: 

ClickFunnels : It allows to create complete sales tunnels. With it you can create a capture page, sales pages and above all you can automate all your business. The only problem is that it asks you to invest in an auto responder.

1.Create a YouTube channel. 

The second channel for successful affiliate marketing is the YouTube channel. Even if you are not the owner of YouTube, you can use it to make yourself known to your audience. This creates a strong relationship of trust and helps you to better convert afterwards.

Video takes more and more space in web marketing because it allows you to stay very close to your target or your sales channel. It is an ideal way to develop absolute trust between you and your blog readers by sharing your daily experience with them.

To succeed in affiliate marketing, you have to choose a good product

Tell me: How will you treat someone who advises you to buy a sandwich filled with waste? Would you be able to follow his advice in the long run? If you answer by YES, it means that you have not understood: Affiliation is not for you and you can never earn real income by selling by affiliation.

“The first success of your affiliate marketing is based on the affiliate program (product) in which you participate.

2. Present your product well:

Now that you have chosen a good product, you must present it to be successful. What is most recommended is to present the product to the reader either in the form of a blog article or in the form of a web page as a sales page for example.

3. Optimize your articles for a good SEO

If you choose to submit a product via a blog post, it is important that you take the time to put the link to the sales page in << Nofollow >> to ask the search engines not to index the page to which your references.

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