How to advertise effectively with Instagram ads maker


Marketers know that a good ad can be the key to success. What about Instagram ads? Indeed today this is one of the most powerful tools for product promotion. Unfortunately, hiring a designer for a couple of posts a week can be too costly. This is where an Instagram ads maker steps in.

With the help of this service, you’ll be able to create attractive ads for various purposes. Read on to find out some secret techniques!

Effective Instagram ads = successful business

Marketers claim that half of all Instagram business pages from around the world post at least one advertising story or post per month.

To help advertisers understand and embrace this new format, Facebook commissioned a study on non-obvious metrics to understand how people around the world perceive Instagram advertising content. They also conducted a meta-analysis for the US audience to explain what creative elements will help to attract the attention of users and achieve business results.

Evoke emotions

The study showed that people from all the markets studied (Brazil, Indonesia, UK, USA) react emotionally to well-designed ads. It turned out that people associate stories with heightened emotions such as excitement, fun, and inspiration.

Perhaps the reason for this is that the full-screen format offers an immersive experience, which means it allows advertisers to create a deeper connection with the audience.

Creative elements make stories effective

Business stories take over. On average, more than 1 in 3 respondents (active Instagram users) admitted that they are more interested in a product after seeing its Instagram stories.

Effectiveness was measured by two factors: 

  • “breakthrough” – the probability that the ad will be noticed, viewed or the user will return to it;
  • “response” – the probability that the ad will force the user to take some action.

Thus the importance of a decent Instagram ads maker skyrockets!

3 important principles to adhere to when using Instagram ads maker

The study also revealed 3 key insights that support other observations. Some of the elements that make ads on the mobile feed more effective will also work for Instagram stories:


Make sure the ad is relevant to your audience. Don’t add swimming videos while advertising burgers. Search for relevant pics, and videos that match your business idea.

On average, the top-performing Instagram stories are ranked more relevant than the underperforming ads. In addition, they attract attention, are easy to understand and fit the advertised brand.

Video length

Typically, effective ads on Instagram stories are shorter than ads with poorer results, and the brand is mentioned earlier in terms of video timing.

Also among Instagram Story ads containing multiple scenes, effective ads had shorter timing. Therefore, make sure to make your video no longer than 30 seconds.

Product demo

Only half of the Instagram stories that were evaluated in the study showed the use of the product. However, those that contained such material worked more efficiently. Luckily modern Instagram ads makers allow uploading your videos on the service. This makes editing even smoother.

Noted something useful for your next advertising campaign? Bookmark this summary so as not to lose it!


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