A 2 days Jaipur itinerary for travelers in 2024


Jaipur, land of the Indian Maharajas and the capital of Rajasthan, is one of the most visited cities in the world.

According to the tourism department, more than 20 million people visit Jaipur every year.

Since Jaipur is well-connected with Delhi and Agra, it has become a popular destination & I recommend spending at least 2 days here.

Below, we have shared the latest 2 days Jaipur itinerary, serving as a guide on what you can see in Jaipur in 2 days.

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How to reach Jaipur?

You can either arrive in Jaipur directly via flight, train, or road (as Jaipur is now connected with the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway), or if you are an international tourist, search for flights to Delhi and then take a 4-hour road drive to Jaipur.

Since I am from Delhi, I prefer the Delhi-Mumbai Expressway, which makes Jaipur a 4 to 5-hour ride

Some good train options from Delhi to Jaipur are the Double Decker Train, Shatabdi, and Vande Bharat.

Where to stay in Jaipur for 2 days?

My personal choice is to stay in the Pink City area, especially near Hawa Mahal or Brahmpuri, close to Jal Mahal.

However, you will also find amazing hotel deals in regions like Bani Park, Sindhi Camp, and near Jaipur Sanganer Airport.

Jaipur 2 days Itinerary

  1. Amber Fort

On day 1, visit the heritage sites of Jaipur with a morning trip to Amber Fort.

The Amber Fort served as the main residence for the Jaipur Maharaja and his family, along with a strong army.

The fort is also protected by two nearby forts, which are included in our Jaipur 2 days itinerary.

The main attraction of Amber Fort is the elephant ride till the ticket counter and the Mirror palace inside the fort (Sheesh Mahal).

  • Entry ticket: Rs 100-550
  • Timing: 10 am to 5 pm
  1. Jal Mahal

After visiting Amber Fort, we will head to Jal Mahal, a five-story palace built in the middle of a lake.

Entry inside the palace is not allowed, so you can only view it from the road.

This is one of only 2 palaces in whole India, built in the middle of a Lake.

  • Entry ticket: Free for all
  • Timing: 6 am to 8 pm
  1. Jaigarh & Nahargarh Fort

These two forts are mountain forts in Jaipur, built to protect the Amber Fort.

At Jaigarh, you will also see India’s biggest cannon, which ranks as the third largest in the world.

At Nahargarh, you can visit its Wax museum and enjoy lunch with a view of the entire Jaipur city from the mountain top.

  • Entry ticket: Rs 35-85
  • Timing: 9 am to 4:30 pm
  1. Royal Gaitor

This monument is dedicated to all the royal family members of Jaipur.

The artwork here is amazing and attracts many photographers and filmmakers

  • Entry ticket: Rs 30
  • Timing: 9 am to 5 pm
  1. Hawa Mahal

Hawa Mahal is one of the top 3 destinations in Jaipur, alongside Amber Fort and City Palace. Actually, Hawa Mahal is a palace exclusively for ladies. From its small windows, the queens and their servants (all women) used to observe the road outside, especially during fairs or visits from royal guests.

Hawa Mahal is 6-7 stories tall, and the view you get from the outside is much smaller than what you will find inside.

  • Entry ticket: Rs 50
  • Timing: 9 am to 5 pm
  1. City Palace

And finally, the last place you will visit today in Jaipur will be the City Palace. This palace is still a private property of the royal family of Jaipur, who charge an entry ticket of Rs 100 to Rs 3000 to visit their palace museum and the private rooms of the Maharaja and his queens.

I would suggest buying the Rs 3000 ticket, as it allows you to see the main palace, Chandra Mahal, which also has a lift.

  • Entry ticket: Rs 200-3000
  • Timing: 9:30 am to 5 pm

Day 2 in Jaipur

So after visit all the above sites in Jaipur on day 1, you will today explore:

  1. Albert Hall Museum

Albert Hall is one of the best museum in whole Rajasthan, and it even has an original Egyptian Mummy.

Plus you will see many golden artifacts, and many gifts which Maharaja of Jaipur received from other Kingdoms.

  • Entry ticket: Rs 20-150
  • Timing: 9 am to 5 pm
  1. Birla Temple

Yes, Jaipur also has an Birla Temple dedicated to Shree Hari Vishnu. The whole Temple is made up of shinning white marble and looks magnificent.

  • Entry ticket: Free for all
  • Timing: 6 am to 9 pm
  1. Patrika Gate

Just a 15-minute drive from Birla Temple is the biggest circular road in all of Asia, and within it is a beautiful park whose entrance gate is called Patrika Gate.

This is a 25-meter tall structure, which features more than 100 paintings depicting Rajasthan tourism.

It’s so beautiful that this attraction has become a social media darling. Just google “Jaipur” and you will find hundreds of pictures of Patrika Gate.

  • Entry ticket: Free for all
  • Timing: 6 am to 8 pm
  1. Chokhi Dhani

And by 8 pm, reach Chokhi Dhani, which is located on the southern side of Jaipur. It’s a Rajasthani Cultural Theme Park that also serves an authentic Rajasthani Thali.

So, plan your dinner here.

I personally reach here by 8 pm, then buy an entry ticket which also includes a meal for one person, costing around Rs 1000. From 8-9 pm, we have dinner, and then for the next two hours, we enjoy a Rajasthan dance show, camel ride, elephant ride, do some shopping, and play many games till 11 pm.

  • Entry ticket: Rs 900-1400
  • Timing: 5 pm to 11 pm (Best tome)

And these are our 10 must see place in Jaipur, which you can visit in 2 days.

More places that you can see in Jaipur

  1. Galta Monkey Temple
  2. Sisidia Rani Bagh
  3. Panna Meena Kund
  4. Kanak Vrindavan Garden
  5. Nahargarh Biological Park
  6. Hathi Gaon (Elephant Village)
  7. Akshay Patra Temple

Famous Markets of Jaipur to see in 2 days

Well, no tour or visit to Jaipur is complete without doing some shopping. Jaipur is famous for its block print clothes, handicrafts, and emeralds, as it is the global leader in emerald cutting. You can also find jewelry, gems, and rugs.

You can visit the following markets to buy these items:

  1. Pink City Market

So, Pink City market is not just one bazaar; it has many markets within it, each known for some specific items.

For instance, Bapu Bazar is famous for clothes, Johri Bazar for jewelry, Prohit Ji Ka Katla for bridal clothes, and Khajane Wala Rasta for marble handicrafts and so on.

So, either plan an evening to quickly see these markets, or else you’ll need a full day to do some serious shopping.

  1. MI Road

MI Road is the poshest market in Jaipur, which has all the latest Indian & international brand showrooms, along with many popular Rajasthani brands like Kanwarilal & Sons, Rajasthali Handicrafts Emporium (run by Rajasthan government), Surana Jewellers, Anokhi etc.

  1. Bagru

Bagru is a small town near Jaipur city, approximately 40 km away, where you will find the best handmade block-printed cloth fabrics.

This entire town is bustling with handmade block-printing work and is visited by boutiques from all over the world.

You can get Bagru and Dabu work fabrics starting at a price of Rs 100 per meter.


Jaipur has so much to see that you can spend 3-4 days here.

However, since most travelers plan a 2-day trip here, we suggest visiting and experiencing the above list.

Though if you want to know more about Jaipur, then we suggest checking out the guides below.


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