8 Things to Look for While Buying the Best Smart TV


8 Things to Look for While Buying the Best Smart TV

Are you looking to bring home the best smart TV? You may not find a shortage of it in the Indian market as leading and new brands offer it. As a result, you may be spoilt for choices due to many features being offered by many companies.

Hence, it would be better to know some aspects that you should look for in the best smart TV. It will help you assess a television model and let you decide better Read on for more!

What are smart TVs?

Smart TVs are nothing but a television that lets a user digital content with the power of internet similarly as you do on a smartphone or any other device. Overall, any smart TV is a combination of number of content available over the web showcased on a wide screen leading to an enriching viewing experience.

As you read this, smart TVs along with best 4K TV in India are gaining ground in India and are becoming popular. If you are looking to buy the best smart TV in the market, then considering some points before buying can help.

  • Digital content

These days, a user is having the best experience of accessing web content on their smartphones and similar devices. And they want the same experience on a big TV screen. Hence, you should try to search for an ideal or best smart TV that can explore web content and apps from the digital world. As a result, it should also be able to give the user complete control over the content to be accessed.

  • Apps are necessary

Some of the best smart TVs in India come pre-loaded with an operating system such as Android. Android is the most popular OS and features the highest number of apps, you should check if you TV can let your download or play all such apps. Another thing while considering is whether the devices available in your home are compatible with the operating system of the TV or not.

  • The interface

Many smart TVs in India have a complicated user interface with a poor user experience. As a result, it leads to the customer not being able to explore the entire potential of a smart TV. Thus, they may not be able to make the most of many useful features. The best smart TV should let a user toggle between Live TV and Digital TV easily on the same device.

He/she should also be able to push digital content directly on TV’s home screen without changing ports or going through complex menus. Overall, a smart TV with an easy-to-use interface along with a hassle-free navigation scores over complicated ones.

  • Wireless connectivity

While bringing home the best smart TV for your home, you should also review the Wi-Fi system installed in it. It is vital to consider as many things depend on it how quick your devices and TVs can connect. Your smart TV should also be able to connect multiple devices as it is another feature that you should check while buying one.

  • The size of the television matters

It is another significant factor which should be determined by the distance of the TV from where you intend to watch it generally. For a distance of 4-6 ft, bring home a 32 inch television is right. Similarly, a 43 inch for 5-8 ft, and for 6-9 ft, a 55 inch TV would be ideal.

  • It’s also about what you see

The display qualities of a TV have gone through many improvements over the last 2-5 years. You get TV screens with resolutions such as HD Ready (1366 x 768 P), Full HD (1920 x 1080 P), and 4K UHD (3840 x 2160 P). While opting for the best 4K TV in India may be the best thing to do as it offers stunning picture quality. But, it also depends on for purposes you are buying it. The price may vary as per the resolutions selected; hence, you need to evaluate your needs before investing.

  • HDMIs and USBs

How many HDMIs and USBs that you would be able to connect to your smart TV is another key factor while looking to buy one. You should be able to connect many external devices at a time and most smart TVs may let you do that easily.

  • The warranty scheme

Since buying the best Smart TV is a costly investment involving many parts and technicalities, the warranty period should be on the longer side. Also, the warranty should be an all-inclusive package comprising of warranty on all aspects including labour.

Some of the best considerations that a user should do before purchasing the best smart TV in India are discussed. If you are all set to buy one today, but without budget worries, then here is an easy solution.

You can opt for the No Cost EMI facility of Bajaj Finserv EMI Network to divide the TV price over a tenor and pay just the EMI amount and nothing more. This way, you can save huge amounts compared to other payment networks in India.

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