8 Home Repairs Woman Can DIY


8 Home Repairs Woman Can DIY

One big question we get asked a lot is, can women do home repairs themselves? Our answer is yes; they can! All they need to attend to the majority of jobs around the house is some simple work tool and a little know-how.

Imagine the relief and sense of accomplishment you will get after you have fixed the squeaky door or that annoying dripping faucet your significant other never got to look at.

Attending to repairs in the home is an important part of living independently, and in some cases, just because you are having a divorce does not make you helpless, you can tackle these jobs without a man’s help.

Rather than letting these home cares and home maintenances drive you crazy, we would list eight repairs women can do without having to call, a brother, neighbor, or repairman every time there is a problem.

Tools you need for home repairs

Before you get started on these repair projects, getting the right tools is a great place to start. We would give a short list of essential tools you should have in your toolbox to get started.

  • Hammer: A hammer with a claw end for pulling nails is the most important tool you need to take care of most jobs. The 16 oz. is perfect, but you can prefer the 8 oz. claw hammer which is lighter and comfortable.
  • Measuring Tape: we suggest a retractable metal measuring tape, of 25 or 5 foot.
  • Screwdrivers: a 4-way screwdriver works for almost everything, but you should get a collection of Phillip’s and regular screwdrivers.
  • Pliers: If you can, consider a pair of wire-pliers and some channel-lock pliers. But at least get a standard pair of slip-joint pliers.
  • Utility knife: as minor as this seems you would need for trimming jobs. Just be sure to get one with a retractable blade that can be safely used and stored.
  • Saw: depending on the projects you encounter, you can consider a circular saw since it is comfortable for doing more prominent projects.
  • Drills: Especially if you are new to drills, they can tend to look like a risky jump, but if you have to work on any project successfully, the tool is a must-have. To ease your mind, there are lightweight drills for women. They come as impact or hammer drills
  • Crescent Wrench: the crescent wrench would help when removes bolts and nuts, especially if you do not have a set of wrenches.

Getting started

If you already have all these essential tools at your disposal, carrying out home projects yourself will get uncomplicated. Let’s dive straight into the repairs women can do!

  • Repairing Light Fixtures

Making electrical repairs or installation is most times expensive and could involve some risks. Electrical systems vary from each other, so understand yours – this would help you stay safe and give you the necessary skill to perform the project. Before repairing light fixtures or changing light bulbs, the first step is to turn off the main switch.

  • Repairing A Leaky Tap

The dripping sound from a leaking pipe will continue to keep you awake if you do not fix it. The process is simple and would take only a few minutes to complete. Most leaking taps are caused by a loose or worn out the washer, so turn off the power supply to the tap and remove the headgear. You would need to use a flat head screwdriver and your wrench to loosen some nuts to gain access to the washer and replace it.

  • Patching A Hole In The Wall

You can have a puncture in the wall from a doorknob or a nail that has grown into a small hole. It is a simple repair that involves mixing the filler and spreading over the holes, but to keep the job clean you need to have some key tools like the hammer, chisel, drill, a small bucket for mixing the plaster and a filler knife.

  • Replacing a doorknob or lock

Security reasons, upgrades, or replacing a bad handle might make you do this a few times or more. You need Philip’s screwdriver for most aspects of these projects. There are different available styles or door handles or locks, but they have the same basic parts and can be removed the same way.

  • Fixing a clogged toilet

The toilet would remain a significant fixture in the house, but it is rare for a homeowner to say they have not had to deal with a toilet issue. Clogging is not the only problem the toilet can have, but so far it’s the most common. Your toilet is clogged when it starts making all sorts of strange noises or when flushing becomes difficult.

  • Fixing a sticking window

There a couple of reasons why a window may stick, yours could be due to the build-up of dirt and debris in the window, some other times when the window is painted and shut before it gets dry, it may stick. Fixing this may involve removing the window and could require a couple of tools, including the lightweight drill.

  • Repainting the Exterior of your home

After a while, the current paint of your house could fade off, or you may want to give your home a new look. Painting exteriors is a big job, so you should consider the safety requirements before proceeding on the job. It would require using ladders at high levels. Some scrapings, chiseling, and drillings may also be needed.

  •  Hanging wallpapers

As easy as hanging wallpapers sounds, you may need extra hands on it for a smooth outcome. The main challenge is to get it straight on the wall to match correctly with the patterns and avoid bubbling. Bubbling tampers with the beauty and taking the paper down when you notice the bubbles can result in insufficient papers.


Becoming a DIY-er expert would require some serious time investments. With the essential tools around the house, it is safe to start small on some minor projects.

Meanwhile, all of the projects we have mentioned are home repairs woman can do, and making house repairs will only be a success if you feel confident in your knowledge and skill. If by any chance you think you are not up to a task, it is best to call in a professional or seek help when you need it.

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