Why 777 slots are so popular?


Why 777 slots are so popular?

If you spend time playing slots, you are sure to come across many that feature the number seven. Whether triple sevens, lucky sevens, flaming sevens, the number has turned up in fruit slots, classic slots, and Vegas-style slots for decades and looks set to star in many more games in the future. But why is that? Let’s take a look at why 777 slots are so popular.

A brief history

Situs Judi Slot Online machines burst onto the scene at the end of the nineteenth century on the west coast of the United States. Originally, slots paid out cigars, drinks, or tokens that could be exchanged for refreshments, but they soon paid coins as rewards for making winning combinations.  The most popular symbols used in early slot machines were fruit, stars, bells, bars and of course, sevens. Fruit because some slot machines rewarded players with flavoured gum, the others because of their association with luck. When slots moved online, they used the same symbols players were used to seeing offline, and have stuck around ever since.

Why is seven considered lucky?

In a wide range of cultures across the world, the number seven is considered to be lucky. There are seven days in the week, seven continents, and the number seven constantly appears in history. Consider the seven kings of Rome, the seven hills of Istanbul, or the seven chakras. Indian music has the saptak swaras (seven octats), there are the seven classical planets (Sapta Rishi), the Seven Promises, Seven Rounds in Hindu weddings, and the seven worlds in Hindu belief. Clearly, there is special significance attributed to the number seven, so it makes sense it is used in online gambling, where luck is paramount.

777 slots

The most common place to find the number seven when betting online is when playing dedicated 777 slots or in fruit slots. As mentioned, these types of games have been around for many years, and studios constantly release modern updates. Some excellent examples of this form of fast-paced gaming include:

  • Hot to Burn
  • Lucky 7
  • Super 7s
  • Monkey Sevens
  • Sevens & Fruits

Traditionally, 777 slots are uncomplicated thrill fests, offering significant winning potential. As long as new 777 slots possess a twist or innovative feature, fans of classic games are more than happy to fire them up.

How to play 777 slots?

Playing 777 slots is the same as any other so the same process applies. First is finding the right one to match your playing style, and doing so is all part of the fun. At Raj.bet 777 slots can be demoed for free, so you can try them without any risk to your bankroll. Read the paytable first, so you know which special symbols trigger the features and how much combinations of lucky sevens are worth. Once you have found the right one (or more than one), our 777 slots can be played for real money, which is where the real thrills can be found. Be sure to stick to your allocated budget, and once you’ve tried a few 777 slots, you will see why they remain popular after so many years.


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